Apr 24, 2012


Since I take tons of pictures on a weekly basis, a lot of those pictures don't make it into full blog posts. I am starting this feature to give you guys a closer look into my day to day activities. Just some little snaps here and there :) Hope you enjoy it!

 Spring & Summer days mean walks to our local ice cream place.
 I love trying out new flavors, as we all know ice cream is my favorite!
 Now that the sun stays out a little bit longer I
 get to see these little guys more often.
 They are my favorite little guys in the whole world!

 Alex's cat Jewel. She loves attention and I am pretty sure she loved my camera!
 Signs of spring everywhere! These little bursts of color make me happy.
Nursing this silly cold, but it's nothing some African Nectar won't fix!


  1. Yummy ice cream & tea! Looks like a great day love. =)

  2. I love the photo of the ice cream, such an intriguing colour. xox


  3. That ice cream looks incredible.

    I love these photos, it is nice to see what else you are getting up to :)

  4. African nectar, I've never heard of that but it sounds yummy. I like this feature, it's cool to see what you're up to during the week :) and Christ Almighty that icecream looks yummy (and kind of play-dohy haha)

  5. aw this is such a nice idea! the boys are so cute and gosh that cat is such a precious little creature!


  6. African nectar?!

    That little one is so freeking cute I can't handle it

  7. He is adorrrrbs!! I'd love spending all my time with him if I were you!

    I am the same way... I have many pics I take but don't get to share on my blog... one of the reasons why I link up for Miscellany Mondays, but I like your idea too... SNAPS!!

  8. awww! so precious. is that your nephew?


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