Apr 6, 2012

Come Sail Away.

Dress- Modcloth ; Shoes/Earrings- UO  Belt; Aldo Rings-Vintage
Glasses- Courtesy of GlassesUSA  Headband- f21 

I recently saw this dress on a fellow blogger friend of mine, Katie from Skunkboy Creatures. I loved it and knew I needed to have it in my closet. I ordered it and instantly fell in love with the color and collar. I rarely wear bright colors so when I do it has to be something I really love. Although I normally usually wear black and dark colors most of the time I do like lightening it up for the summer. I know the weather is warm right now but I really can't wait for the days when I live in dresses & don't have to wear pants for a while. I definitely would rather be in a dress any day of the week!

I am so excited it's Friday, and I can't wait to start prepping the Easter baskets for the twins. The great thing about having Easter a week apart is that we get all the candy 50% off! That means peeps are basically 5 cents, it doesn't get better than that.  I can't wait for Greek Easter, it's pretty amazing, and the whole day is usually a huge party. My sister's birthday is tomorrow, so we are going to be celebrating, and then the rest of the week will be prepping for our Easter. My Mom cooks enough to feed a small continent, it's one of the best days of the year. I will make sure to have a lot of pictures from that day so you guys can see a true Greek Easter, lamb on the spit and all!  Hope you have a great weekend doing whatever it is you have planned!


  1. i looooooooooooove your dress girl!! too cute!! :D

  2. What a great dress! I love the collar and the print as well! And that great coral-y color is fantastic on you! Enjoy your Easter!

  3. maria, i recognized the modcloth katie dress immediately. i was gonna say take pics, but you beat me to it. my family used to have leg of lamb for dinner, & greek easter bread is family a tradition.

  4. I love your dress. You looks so adorable in this pics! Your vintage glasses are totaaal!!!
    What a beautiful background!

    xoxo from München
    La Vie Quotidienne

  5. I recently saw this dress on another website and fell in love! It looks too cute on you :)
    xo Jac

  6. I love the sailboat print on your dress. So whimsical and springy. :)


  7. You look absolutely beautiful.

    I'm excited-- this year, I get to do up my little brother's Easter basket. I actually had a t-shirt made up with me (making an ugly face) on it, lol. I put it in the bottom of the basket.

  8. I saw that dress on Modcloth, and then on Skunboy Creatures and now here! I think someone is telling me to buy it! :D It looks absolutely gorgeous on you. :) xox http://teaforowls.blogspot.co.uk/

  9. I love this dress too, but last time I ordered a 100% polyester dress from Modcloth, it was completely see through. Is this one see-through?

  10. This dress is so cute! Love the print and the color. It definitely seems to be popping up everywhere!


  11. Those shoes are fantastic and that color dress looks great on you! Very Cute!!

  12. This dress is way too cute, love the little sailboats! The floral headband is a pretty extra touch to the outfit!

  13. I really have loved the crap out of this dress since it first made its appearance on ModCloth...and then on Ruche. I don't know why I haven't purchased it. It's got everything I love: ppcollar, pretty coral color and a novelty print. Either way, it looks lovely on you. :)
    Happy Greek Easter weekend!

  14. It is a gorgeous dress. Cute glasses with it as well. Happy Easter!

  15. If you're going to wear a bright dress, you might as well do it right! Super cute!!


  16. lovvvveee dress and the shoes are so unique

  17. Love the collar! & those shoes are just divine!
    xo Heather

  18. OO I love your oxfords sooo much! And the print on your dress is adorable!

    x Aliya

  19. I remember seeing that dress on Katie, and now on you. Oh my it's still so freakin' adorable!

    Have a great weekend, and congrats on FIT!

    xo Becky

  20. hey hun. i love your blog. you've got such a great look and that place looks so magical. i really want your rings hehe xx

  21. That dress is so cute, I love the peter pan collar :) x

  22. I love this outfit and your blog!

    So pretty!!

    <3 VEGA

  23. I love your dress and you are just too cute. Love your smile :)

  24. It's true dresses are so fun to wear in the summer. I too would like to live in a dress when it gets warm outside! :D I really love the dress you are wearing, the color looks really flattering on you! :D I went to take a look on the modcloth site and I fell in love with about 20 dresses they had, haha! I really should consider buying one too!

  25. LOVE that dress! I'm on the ModCloth site constantly (it's kinda - literally - my job), but sometimes I see dresses elsewhere that I never noticed on the site! It looks great on you!



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