Mar 22, 2012

The Flowerchild Outfit Post

Dress- courtesy of Cheeky Cheeky  Shoes- courtesy of Rue La La
Earrings- courtesy of Rissy Roo's Flower crown- F21 Belt- Aldo
Glasses- Ray Ban Cateye 

This beautiful weather is making me want to be outside all day long. The weekend/week has seemed to be dragging on but I am finally getting into a groove at work. It's hard transitioning from being able to make up your own hours, to having a set schedule every day, but I am trying to just go with it. I dream of the days when I can make my own schedule every day, and do the things that inspire me the most. I am still hoping things work out the way I want them to and hopefully by the fall of 2012 I will be attending fashion school. It's definitely hard not being exactly where I want to be at the moment, but all I can do is make the best of it, and try my hardest to get there. 

Do you guys have any plans for the weekend? I unfortunately have to work early Saturday but I am very excited to visit a friend of mine who lives near the beach in southern NJ once I get out of work. I really miss the nice weather since I don't get to go outside pretty much ALL day. I am hoping to take lots of pictures so I can show you guys how beautiful it is down there. I hope you all have a great week, and I look forward to posting my giveaway later on tonight! Also, don't forget to enter the Blowfish giveaway, only a few more days!


  1. Gorgeous, lady.

    xoxo -

  2. You look adorable! Good luck with fashion school; you would be so excellent at that. I feel your pain, my weekend plans consist of doing a statistics take home exam. Fun.


  3. It seems like everyone our age is in a sort of purgatory, there are so many thngs we want and are working for but they're just not happening yet.

    what defines us is those who keep trying and those who give up and go for the immediate reward.

  4. What a very pretty headband and dress! I love it! I do hope you get to enjoy some of your Saturday after you get off of work!

  5. You look adorable in that dress! I hope your fashion school dream comes true. Fall will be here before you know it :)

  6. You look gorgeous! I love the dress and that cute flower crown :)

    xx, Susann
    Fashion in Pepperland

  7. beautiful - your dress and flowers are amazing. i love your heels as well, and those ray ban cat eyes look awesome on you.

    fashion school is definitely a reachable goal too - there are many schools out there.the school i went to had an awesome and well ranked program - i personally went for product design - but it was a public university!

  8. you are one adorable flowerchild! love those shoes, too!

  9. You look so pretty! OMG! I love your dress and shoes.

  10. Love LOVE LOVE your outfit!!

    Keep on keeping on,

  11. I love this look! Those shoes are awesome! :)

    Adin B

  12. I love this dress and flower crown--this is how I would love to look all summer--so pretty.

    And have spent far too much time insideover the last couple of days--I think I am getting cabin fever ;)

  13. This week has felt SO long to me! I seriously thought that yesterday was Friday (needless to say, the discovery that it actually wasn't was highly disappointing)

    It seems like everyone has been getting this burst of gorgeous weather! It's filled my heart with hope and now I just daydream about cute dresses and laying on the beach.

    Have a great weekend xo

  14. such a pretty dress! love your glasses :-)

  15. This outfit is absolutely dreamy. It makes me so excited for warm spring weather. (There's still plenty of snow where I am.)


  16. You look so so pretty in that floral dress! I love all the flowers in your hair too. Great spring look.

  17. That is such a pretty dress! Love the flowers in your hair!!

    x Aliya

  18. it's funny because last year i actually tried getting off the corporate world and work at home and it totally messed me up..haha! i needed structure after all so i can compartmentalize my life into work, home and interests/hobbies..<3

    love your floral dress and your hair is love..<3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  19. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Love from South Africa


  20. you always look so effortless, but so lovely! Gorgeous :)
    I've tagged you in a post btw :) xx

  21. i like the shoes, the dress, the headband, the earrings! ok i like everything, except working on the weekends. :P boo!

  22. Love this outfit :) That dress is gorgeous!

  23. oh my lord, did you get that flower crown recently? i've been hunting for one for aaaages, but they're all around the $50 mark (insane). If you say yes I'll probably reach my peak for happiness for 2012.

    Also, chin up about the fashion school goal :)


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