Dec 6, 2011

What's On Your List?

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Any good ideas for stocking stuffers this year? these are some of my favorites! I must say when the holiday seasons approach a feeling of anxiety definitely creeps in a little..Trying to find the perfect gift for each person in your family, and hoping they don't hate's all very stressful! What helps me is making a list of ideas for each person I am buying for...Then as time goes on I can narrow down the list and then I don't feel so overwhelmed...what do you guys do to keep track of your Christmas list?


  1. I love getting nail polish in my stocking. xo, rv

  2. LOVE the hello kitty key cover - and i want all of those nailpolish colors!

  3. for a lot of my friends, i just end up giving a mix tape of some of my favourite songs, or a really quirky, well written children's book or something. kind of odd presents, maybe, but they seem to like them. :)


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