Dec 4, 2011

Collections: Hunter Boots

For those who know me, know that I have had an obsession with Hunter Boots for quite a while now. Since i began working in the city, almost every time it rains I can see quite a collection of different Hunter styles, and colors...I finally got my first pair a few months ago, and I am in love with them. I love the quality of the boots, and also the ability to be able to layer them with a thick pair of socks that peek over just at the top. Here are some of my other favorites:

Do you have a favorite?


  1. I LOVE the purple ones. They're just so pretty. xo, rv

  2. i am really liking the burgundy ones!

  3. the originals will always have a special place in my heart. that being said, i'd like to own a pair in every color.


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