Oct 2, 2011

5 Thrifting Tips!

 I promised this a few days ago but blogger & my internet were not cooperating so it got a bit delayed! I have wanted to do a post like this for a long time, but finally narrowed down what I think are the most important points regarding thrifting. My love for second hand shops & clothing has definitely grown in the past year, and I feel so much more comfortable knowing a few things, and not just going in blindly. Without further adieu here are some of my top 5 thrifting tips!

 Most people don't enjoy buying from second hand stores because the items are "pre-used" and usually pretty worn in. Although this may bother some people, it's never really been an issue with me. Every time I go shopping at a thrift or consignment shop, I ALWAYS clean my items as soon as I get them home. Although most places clean them upon arrival, they still have a certain scent to them from sitting in piles of other clothing, or on dress racks. My number one rule as a shop owner, and personal shopper is that I either machine wash or dry clean the items I buy from pre loved shops. It's always nice having a fresh scent to your clothing so you can wear it proudly!

 Size varies from brand to brand and even by eras. As a huge vintage lover I have realized that sizing from different eras is completely different than sizing nowadays. Go into a store knowing your own measurements(this also goes with buying vintage clothing online), this will help for stores that do not have fitting rooms..After a little bit of practice, you'll get to know and understand different eras & sizing, I am definitely getting better at it over time, and it's fun to know what's going to fit without trying it on!

Most local thrifting shops run daily-weekly specials. Our local goodwill has great deals for each day of the week! Depending on the day, you could even get 50% off certain items, and get a great deal! Most stores also offer cards that can track how much money you spend, with a certain amount you get money off your future purchases! My local goodwill has a special where if you spend $100 you get $10 off the following purchase! Over time this will make a huge difference, and save you money!

 When buying used items or clothing sometimes they need a little bit of extra love, and that's why they were donated in the first place! This doesn't refer to every purchase but for the most part, the clothing may be missing a button, have a stain, or have a few loose threads here and there. Certain items look amazing when they are altered, and if you can pull it off; more power to you! If you understand how to fix or sew your items, then you should take on the challenge, if not then these items may not be for you, after all you don't want to add more clutter to your closet, especially if you never wear it!

  When going to the thrift shop the other day I realized how many holiday inspired items they have! Certain stores will even donate certain items to thrift shops, to help out the community. You may even find items that are brand new, and still in the original packaging. This is great for holiday decorations, gifts, and even costumes. The best advice I can give with this point is that it's important to catch the holiday season items early. I wouldn't wait till the last week of October to look for Halloween items, and I am sure most Christmas items will peak near the end of November, so it's important to always be ahead of the game!

That's all for now, I hope you all enjoyed my thrifting tips! Where are your favorite thrift shops? Do you enjoy buying/wearing used clothing? I would love to hear your experiences with pre loved items!


  1. i always eat posts like these - cuz i have never gone thrifting in my life, so these are super helpful. i just need to take the plunge already!

  2. The sizing thing is the best. I am forever wearing size 8 or 10 in vintage when I wear a 0 in real life. haha. xo,rv


  3. Nice tips! I just got into thrifting this past June and am an addict. I'm beyond excited because I will be going to the big Pasadena flea market this weekend - I'll put these tips to good use there. :D

  4. Aw, I wanna go thrifting now! I wish you could go with me...I bet you're a fun thrifter since you love to do it. I can't stand going with impatient people cause I will take my time & look & reconsider. I think it's so fun. =)


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