Sep 27, 2011

FALL favorites!

As always my mind is drifting away on this beautiful(but hot)autumn day, and I cannot get off etsy! There are so many handmade items for the fall, and they are all incredibly unique. Every time I go on that site I feel like I find something new to be inspired by, it's always something, it makes me want to create; and that is a beautiful thing! Here are some of the things I am loving for the fall...

Waxed canvas pouch: Autumn spice.
this handmade pouch makes my heart sing

Autumn Spice Girls Dress
this tiny little woman wearing this dress reminds me of this dress in Elsie's line for red velvet!

Autumn Fall Quilt Grand Finale Throw MADE TO ORDER
this quilt needs to get on my bed, stat

vintage 1960s Autumn Flower Hula Girl Canvas Luggage Carry On Overnight Tote Bag
how gorgeous is this luggage?

Vintage 70s Dress Floral Fall Autumn Gray Orange M
this beautiful floral dress makes me happy

XW1049 Horse Head on Black Needlepoint Loafer
Dying to get my hands on these amazing loafers!

What are you craving for the fall? Anything in particular? I find myself drawn to the autumn colors, especially dark green, burnt orange, mustard and dark auburn....I love them all, and they make me feel like the winter is on the way, even though it has been a muggy 80 degrees here in NJ, I am hoping the cold will find its way soon! Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. that pouch is awesome (and for some reason i've just always felt the need to have a gazillion pouches and little bags, even as a kid), and i'd love to have an old cozy quilt on my bed for those chilly nights!

  2. i am in love with that pouch! it's sooo perfect for fall. actually, i think i'd use it all year round!

  3. patterns, patterns, PATTERNS!! Oh they make my heart sing as well!!

  4. YES, that luggage is soooo beautiful <3

  5. I am absolutely in love with that handmade pouch. Some beautiful things here!

  6. great gatherings! thanks everyone for the pouch love... we have them in Coal too!!!


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