Sep 1, 2011

{Dark Green Florals} Outfit Post

I really cannot wait for the fall! What are some things you are looking forward to?
I can't wait to have my first pumpkin spiced latte, that's probably the first thing on my mind.
I'm also looking forward to some cooler weather & more layering of clothing..
I miss my flannels! I hope you're all having a great week!

{ Details }
Dress- Thrifted
Dark Green Tights- WeLoveColors
Woven Shoes & Belt - UO
Rings- France, Spain


  1. i really cant believe its September either. like not at all. its so crazy how fast time has gone.

    i have to say, i have missed flannels as well!

  2. Can you be any cuter??!! Love the dress and your glasses! xo.

  3. Pumpkin spice lattes are my favorite as well!

  4. look so pretty , I love ure dress and ure shoes :x
    Gorgeous ... :D <3

    Doudinou <3

  5. cute dress! the thing i'm most looking forward to is being able to wear my boots again. don't get me wrong, i love sandals, but nothing compares to boots and dresses!

  6. Those tights with that dress! PERFECT end of summmer-beginning of fall outfit!


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