Aug 1, 2011

Sharing Links!

First and foremost, have you seen my recent lookbook yet?
Jewelry is officialy up in the shop, so go check it out!

What's on my wishlist this week?
one - necklace
two - tank
three - dress
four - purse

Notable Posts
A walk down memory lane-A Beautiful Mess
(such an inspirational post )
Dream porch- Maie Dae
A movie date- Wily Brunette

Favorite New Blog Finds

Favorite Outfit Posts

Snacks & Recipes
Tumbleweeds - homemade guacamole
Katie's Pencil Box - sweet and salty treat
Oh, Mishka - homemade oreos

Music On Repeat
Cannot stop listening to The Civil Wars

New Site To Check Out
The Internet Garbage - Awesome Music Blog

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  1. <3 The Internet Garbage they have some awesome music! Cool to see a post about them here!

    cool blog you have


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