Aug 2, 2011

Keep It Moving.


Does anyone else speak this language? I feel like the only thing I do anymore is, you guessed it...WORK! I was chatting with my sister today and she asked why I haven't posted a written post in a while, and it got me thinking about how I just really haven't been in the mood for it. I feel like all the inspiration I normally have has been taken out of me, and I am left with this outer shell of a "used to be" maria look alike.


Among the things  I miss I must say I miss time the most. Time to sleep in -_-, time to see my nephews and play with them, time to make a decent breakfast instead of running out the door with one shoe on and a hard boiled egg in a napkin, time to enjoy my weekends with my boyfriend before rushing to work every single Sunday. I just miss time. I miss having it, and I miss the feeling of knowing that time is on my side. I constantly feel like the weeks just fall through my fingertips like sand...They just literally disappear, and it's already Monday before I know it.

I guess this is something I never really struggled with...Time was never an issue for me, and now it seems to be the only thing I can't balance. This causes a lot of frustration and I try as hard as  I can to work on it, but as we all know "working on something, doesn't always work."


One of the things I can take out of this whole experience is that I think it has made me appreciate how valuable my time is. "I'm bored" will never come out of my mouth again, and I know now that free time should be embraced and not looked at as a bad thing. I can name about 100 things I would be doing if I had the time to do them right now. I also keep in mind that I am working towards something better than this. Being pressed for time makes your goals come out of the woodwork and take form. Not a day goes by that I don't think about where I want to be, and how I am going to get there. Through every experience , something is always meant to be learned...and this may be the most important lesson of all.. Enjoy every ounce of time you have, enjoy your family, your loved ones, and let your creativity ensue. Although humans can control many things, the one thing we will never be able to stop, is time, and how it will always undoubtedly keep pressing on.

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  1. I think that you and I started working full-time around the same time. You're so right about how weeks just slip away. I honestly cannot believe that it's August already. And soon I will wake up one morning and it will be September. I can say, however, that working a lot makes me use my free time a lot more than I used to. Good luck finding the right balance!

  2. I know exactly how you least those of us with this kind of lifestyle doesn't ever "waste" time since we recognize how precious moments really are..

  3. I feel ya girl! I loveeee free time so much more when I never have it.

    p.s. You are such a beautiful thing. So happy I know you. Your comments always make me smile.

  4. i relate to this post a lot.

    i feel like i work so much towards goals. yet all i ever see is the scenery whooshing behind me, when i look out the window of the speeding car of my life... that moment is gone. so many moments are, as i toil away at this and that. trying to make a living. trying to make my life into something.

    i'm trying to find an appreciation for the moments in between so that i don't miss so much :)


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