Aug 30, 2011

Day/Night: Modcloth

I have to peel myself away from the computer every single time I pull up the ModCloth website. I'm sure you all have the same problem. This would be my perfect day to night transition. What are some of your favorites from their site?


  1. what a fun little collage! the pink dress and black shoes have my heart!

  2. I was just about to say the same thing as Sandy! I really love that pink dress! I also love your idea of picking out transitional pieces for day and night. Now I won't be able to leave the Modcloth site today!

  3. I love day/night dresses. Nothing like a dress I can wear a million different ways, and all day!

  4. So cute! Are those pom poms for your hair? I love them!
    And of course the dresses:)


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