Jun 22, 2011

Vintage Shopping NYC {Family Jewels Vintage}

Finally after all of the planning, I made it into Family Jewels Vintage. I was so excited to finally go in and take some photos of all the wonderful vintage items they have. I really fell in love with the whole shop, and although it is small, they have so many interesting and unique pieces. Here are some photos from my trip into this wonderful little shop on 23rd street in New York City.



I wish I could buy every purse on this shelf! SWOON!

Their costume jewelry was all in mint condition, and had such character to it.

I loved this throw pillow on one of the sofa chairs in the back.

The display of pins and scarves was so creative!

I absolutely fell in love with this skirt, unfortunately it was a little too small, I was heartbroken! Whoever gets this skirt will enjoy it, it's definitely a great piece!
I bought this cute little tapestry clutch for myself, it's in such great condition and is circa 1950's.


  1. Ooooooh awesome photos. Cool store... cool stuff. I like your clutch. :)

  2. What a cute shop! It reminds me so much of a vintage store in Grand Junction, CO.

    Oh, and your new clutch is super pretty!

  3. wow, amazing photos! I'm in love

    Btw I have one question... I love your shop and I'm dreaming about collaboration ( I saw at mybestfriendjules.com that you work with some bloggers). Is it possible?


  4. Wow! What an amazing shop! I could die for vintage jewelry!

  5. This stuff is incredible!!! COVET!

  6. Im loving this post! I must visit next time im over inNYC" (i live in Ireland!) Great shots and such beautiful products!! :)


  7. I can't believe all the amazing vintage pieces in there. The tulle dress is so beautiful. What a great find you made with the carpet clutch.

  8. that looks like vintage heaven!

    Love your blog and stlye. I'm your newest follower!


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