May 2, 2011

The road less traveled?

Today I took a chance. I actually took a few.
I woke up feeling like I needed something more from my morning commute.

I am usually the person who takes the same route everyday, I walk the same streets, I even get the same coffee. Pathetic? maybe. Routine? definitely. I go in the same car on the subway, sit in the same set of rear facing two-seater on the nj transit and I always take the same entrance into the hospital. My morning commute has become extremely tedious.

Today I decided I would change this. It wasn't a planned thing, but something I realized later on in the day.. I wore sneakers to walk in(my feet ache something terrible) I even went in different subway cars! I also decided to walk down a different street..all the while hoping to get a different perspective.

Did something magical happen?
Well, .... no

In my reports I realized almost everything seemed comparable... although my sneakers did give me the ability to run a little faster. There were people, there were dogs being walked, there was the occasional allergy induced sneeze, and there were lots and lots of doormen.

The only difference I noted in my  research was the appearance of a large gray creature.. my rat friend who accompanied me down one block before being yelled at by some old lady with a cane.. it was quite funny..

Now, if I had taken my normal foolproof route, or if I possibly had gotten out a second earlier I could have
my friend
the rat.

Going on different subway cars left me crowded and claustrophobic.

As I write this I am on the subway standing between an old scholarly professor who is reading Jane Eyre, and a sweaty daughtry look alike who's "rocking out" to metallica's greatest hits...this has nothing to do with the story, but I thought it would be appropriate adding it in.

If you do everything by the books, play it safe, stay in your comfort zone, you could miss out on things.. I never had the courage to do things in the past and now I find a new sense of meaning to stepping out of my "comfort" on a daily basis.

Writing a blog was not something I always did, I took a chance. Luckily this chance brought me to all of you, and whatever else is to come.. but I urge you, try something new, if you hate it at least you experienced it.

Today I got to meet a large rat. tomorrow who knows... it did feel pleasant switching things up a bit.

If you find yourself completely terrified with change, just do it.

And yes I quoted Nike.

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  1. i love this post! it's so, so easy to get in the same routine, and so difficult to break it. every now and then i tell myself that i'm driving home a different way, but i rarely ever do it, and that's just ridiculous!

    you know, i really like rats. well, if they were wild and in my house, it wouldn't be the same, but derek and i used to have a few pet rats, and they were really sweet. i loved feeling their tails!

  2. This post was absolutely wonderful! I loved every word - so refreshing. <3

  3. Beautiful post, it is great to change it up and break with routine. I think I shall do that today.

    I love rats, we have two pet rats called Spock and Bear - they are very friendly (unless you are one of our cats!)

  4. Love the photos, and the Nike slogan is true, sometimes you should Just Do It! xo

  5. I think that taking chances like that only opens up new opportunities. It helps you follow omens (sorry, I'm re-reading the Alchemist). Omens are supposed to lead you to your life's true calling.
    Yesterday, it was just a rat, but you never know what the next day will bring.
    Twice a year, I go to NYC to visit one of my best friends in Brooklyn. We do the craziest shit, one of which is running on subway cars back and forth when they hit the speed. Last year, we both stupidly wore flip flops to this outing. After sliding around a dirty subway car and falling until we were purple, it was instantaneously one of our favorite memories. I also forgot to add we were completely toasted:)
    But my point is: sometimes the ugly in life jolts you back to life and makes you feel powerful. Your subway rat symbolized your taking back control of your own life:)
    There. I just got all Nostradamus on yo ass!

  6. Here is to taking the road less traveled....more often :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  7. You're my hero. Take MORE chances because you need to build your courage & make more rat friends! Also, go on adventures with me, yes? Yes. I love this post. It makes me want to ride mass transit and live in a big city. I heart you miss Mars & I think you're rad. Don't you forget it. <3


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