May 3, 2011


Today I got a lovely message from a reader who claimed that I was her inspiration.

 First of all, this is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever written me, regarding the blog. 
I am completely flattered and still shocked that someone feels that way about what I put out there. 

Thank you.

This whole "inspiration" thing got me thinking about who my inspirations are, and how highly you view that person. I am inspired by so many people and ideas on a daily basis and sometimes I cannot even wrap my head around it all.

Let me also state that this post is by no means a boastful attempt to make myself look "cool." I am fully aware of where I stand on the cool-o-meter. I just realized that through all of this,
things unravel
               and unfold

constantly whether or not you care to 

I started this blog in hopes of expressing my inner creative being. I had no idea I would be involved with such beautiful people, and have the opportunity to really share a part of myself, I did not know existed. 

This just goes to show you- keep doing what you are doing. no matter what it could be, or possibly already are, an inspiration.


  1. So lovely!

    In response to your comment on my blog regarding trades - yes!

    Send me an e-mail:


  2. I heart you. You are one of my few muses, FYI. You inspire me with your honesty & compassion. <3

  3. Very well said! I'm "inspired" to dig through your archives now... :)

    No really, I know what you mean, and relate totally to the creative expression/blog endeavor bit. I've learned so much about myself blogging this last year and some.

    Whoever reads my blog, for the most part, is getting my truest self. I'm not afraid to go there when it's theoretically just the screen and me.

    Good on you for being someone's inspiration!

    Baby Talk without the Babble

  4. This post in itself is inspiring. I'd love to here who your main inspirations are as well as what types of things inspire you:)

  5. Well said, I am inspired daily by so many bloggers- it's sometimes hard to go offline! Such a great age we live in.

    xo Katie

  6. you inspire me because you're just so rad :) i hope you know how awesome you are, and you really DO inspire people!

  7. I happen to think your blog is sweet and refreshing! So kudos to the person who lifted your spirits by telling you sweet, nice, true things. Love the pictures. You are rather on the gorgeous side... but I think I tell you that every time I post a comment. I too am daily blown away by the amazing people I have met through my blog. Great post.

  8. what a lovely compliment! I'm a new reader here, but I do think you are very inspiring!

  9. So great to hear! I constantly have to remind myself to persevere, and this is a great reminder that sometimes sticking with it really pays off :)

  10. i'm not sure i understood the concept until i met some amazing women in my graduate program a couple years ago. for the two years they lived in the same city, they inspired me every single day (though their blogs and Real Life).

  11. i love your blog:) adorable in every way!
    keep on rocking it lady!

  12. You are just so lovely - and definitely an inspiring lady! I'm so glad to have "met" you through this whole experience. :)

    <3 xo!


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