Jan 10, 2011

The City Of Lights

Lately, I think about this trip all the time. I think that means a new trip is in need very soon. My backpacking trip was one of the most meaningful trips I have ever been on. I was as happy as a clam, nothing could bring me down. We got the most out of the trip by foot, and saw everything without any complaints. I was floating around pretending I could speak french and ordering all these weird things I would never normally eat. Not only did I surprise myself in so many ways, but I also surprised others around me because everyone doubted me. "Oh you'll never last that long with a bag that big- you're too SMALL- good luck carrying it" or "How are you going to be without a blowdryer!" And my responses to these questions were simple...

1. I am small, but I will carry it , even if my bones break. AND I DID. I got some serious muscles too.
2. I  don't need to worry about going without a blowdryer, because I have a converter! HA!

Anyway- the reason I am writing this post about Paris is because it is one of the most beautiful places(at least I think so) and I feel obligated to tell everyone about how amazing it is. You must see it for yourself though, my pictures cannot do it justice. Also if you are someone who is interested in different types of fashion and avante garde outfits, Paris is the place to be- there are so many styles and so much to take in. With beauty surrounding every inch of that city, it's hard not to fall in love with it.

These photos were taken in Paris, but also in southern france (Bordeaux)...

 My pilgrimage to see where Jim Morrison was buried.
 Nicoise salads all day everyday.

 Bordeaux for a wine tasting.
 Breakfast was always simple.
 The most colorful metro stations
 Beautiful scenery
 The view from Notre Dame
 One of the many hostels we stayed in

 The Louvre
 The Eiffel!
 Looking homeless, wearing everything I own
The best Sangria & the awful kissy face-I'm glad I stopped that.

 Love gargoyles
 The cathedrals were beautiful

Hope you enjoyed some of my photos, maybe I will post from Spain as well, 
I have a lot more from there..Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Love the pictures (especially the food ones)! I reminisce a lot about my one month trip in SF+LA two years ago, too - we didn't go as backpackers but we stayed in student hostels. The best way to see a place is definitely by foot!

    Definitely need to see Paris at some point in my life.

  2. Hi Heather,

    Thanks so much for comnig by my blog and entering the giveaway. I just wanted to make sure you get all the chances you deserve to win so be sure you leave a seprate comment fo reach task you do, like "tweet" or "follow" I am now following you too. I love your photos. I LOVE PARIS!!! I want to go back:) Nice meeting you

    Hanna from bouffe e bambini

  3. And I have NO IDEA where I got the name Heather!! Maria, I'm so sorry! I'm one week from my due date and I think the pregnancy brain is really starting to kick in.LOL!! Sorry. So nice to meet you Maria!!!

  4. I've only been in the Paris airport on a 5 hour layover!
    Your pictures totally transported me there.
    I would've totally stolen that whole bagette from you and eaten it under the table like a starved troll.

  5. i love this! i can't wait to check back for your updates! following.

  6. Wow, looks like you had a great time! I really want to go to Paris sometime x


  7. i am so jealous of your traveling!!
    looks like you had an awesome time.

    cheers <3

  8. you make a cuter homeless person than both the olsen twins combined.

    i've never been to paris, mais je parle francais.

  9. wow! what wonderful photos. your trip looks amazing and you are definitely make "homeless" look chic

  10. REALLY cool blog! Beautiful images!

  11. I'm so jealous... Paris and Spain! I've never been to Europe, but definately plan to sometime in my life :) Would love to see the pics from Spain!

  12. Your trip looks amazing! And dont even get me started on the pics of the Nicoise salad - delish!

  13. Oh my gawd, after my 2nd read through I almost got teary eyed. I have to go back. People don't understand the allure, how magical it is there. The food, the smokes, the walks, the atmosphere. People who dont like French people have obviously never been to France. They were so welcoming. On one of our free days one of the Moroccan guys at the internet cafe took me & my room mate on a tour of his hidden treasures & we ran into a gay pride parade...he was embarrassed. haha! But man, I miss it. GREAT post!

  14. hey!
    so i've just come across your blog from the 'sometimes sweet' spotlight. and i was looking through a few of your posts and i too travelled around europe this summer and i also stayed at the montclair too! small world, eh?


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