Dec 21, 2010

My five favorite things!

Before I get into that, let me talk about the attack of the birds that happened today. By the time I grabbed my camera I missed some of them. There was easily a thousand birds in the yards around me and when I yelled in excitement, I scared most of them away :( I got some good photos, so here they are. 

5 favorites. . .
this awesome cupcake scarf from kellyzkreationz

 the dunk-mug, how clever! 

this altered bottle pine cone and skeleton key HouseThatCrowBuilt

This felt warrior necklace from CandyBandits

To the moon and back wooden canvas from poshpaints

Happy Tuesday everybody! 


  1. ahhh pigeons are scary especially when they're all huddled together. i'm always afraid that one of them will peck at me or poop on my head.

    anyway, that dunking mug is quite nifty. i want that! :D

  2. Haha I love it re: the birds!! You really captured the wildness - I love the dark, shadowy bodies in motion


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