Dec 27, 2010

Christmas peek & Etsy peek

Christmas came and left already, and if you are in new jersey you know that there
is a blizzard outside!It stopped snowing but it's crazy out there!

The twins and Andreas had a beautiful Christmas, filled with gifts and love. They really enjoyed every minute, but were a little overwhelmed at times, I don't blame them, tons of gifts being shoved your way early in the morning is a lot to take in . I ate, laughed, drank, and I was quite merry. I even fell in the snow- twice, right on the kisser.
 How cute is he?
 It's barney mania, all day- everyday
 Santa's favorite and I
 My sister
 I told him to make a dirty look, he did it!

 Cutest sweaters.

Overall Christmas was a success! And i got snowed in with my boo-nothing is better than that.

NOW. i promised a peek, and I will give one, a small, tiny one! Alex & I took all the photos yesterday, which were long over due, and everything came out beautifully, can't wait to share everything with you guys on the shop! Stay tuned.
I can't wait to set everything up- I have a lot of work to do!

Happy Monday! And to everyone in New Jersey

It's over! Now time for the new year

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  1. Awwe...those kiddies are just too adorable. And sorry to hear that you fell in the snow twice :/ Hopefully you didn't hurt yourself.

  2. Your family is SO very cute. I laughed out loud when you said you fell right on your kisser. HA!!!! I wish I had snow to slip in. That dress is beautiful!!! I can't wait to snoop around your etsy shop. xoxo!!

  3. Aw I love your blog! It looks like you had a really great Christmas. Looking forward to your etsy shop!


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