May 21, 2015

Starbucks & My Love For Coffee: Part II

It's no surprise that I am a coffee obsessed woman. I'm so excited to share my love for coffee and Starbucks again today on the blog. As part of their blogger community I get a chance to taste some delicious coffee and I get to try out some of their goodies too. In this package I received rare single-origin coffees , a stainless steel kettle, an awesome dip-glazed mug and the cutest tribal kitchen towel. 

The coffees (my favorite part) are all premium single-origin which basically means that the beans get their distinguishing characteristics from the soil, climate and elevation where they are cultivated, which gives it a very unique flavor. There are chocolaty notes from Guatemala, sweet liveliness from Rwanda and spiciness from Timor. The coolest thing is they're all from different locations so each one has a distinct taste. 

I really loved the Timor Mountain Ramelau the best. I loved the hint of spice and the roasted aftertaste. The Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza was also really delicious, I love the citrus notes throughout the cup. The Rwanda Rift Valley was definitely the most different cup I tasted out of all three. I definitely could taste the chocolatey notes throughout and the aroma was very intoxicating. 

Throughout this experience I can honestly say that I have learned so much about coffee, but also about my own personal tastes. I went from not being a huge coffee drinker to loving and enjoying a good cup of coffee. I also love being able to tell the difference between quality, and not-so good quality. 

For those of you who asked last time, Ryan and I own a Jura Impressa F50 which makes our coffee taste even more delicious. If you're a big coffee lover I highly recommend getting a quality machine to make your brewing needs even easier.

My parents grew up having coffee multiple times a day throughout most of my young life. In Greece and Cyprus the day revolves around going for coffee with friends, having coffee to socialize and also making it for your family. Drinking coffee here, in my home, brings me a little closer to my roots no matter how far they may be. It's funny to say that something as silly as making a cup of coffee reminds me of my family but it does. I remember vividly sitting and watching my Grandma make coffees for the whole family once we'd be done with dinner. It's a fond memory I won't ever forget. Although I don't know how to make authentic Greek coffee, I still make sure I offer everyone who comes through my door a fresh cup.


  1. Aw! I'm from Lebanon (Cyprus is like Our next door neighbor You know ^_^) so We share tons of traditions. I get You about the coffee! It's like when You visit someone, especially Our parent's and the older generation's traditions, They simply make coffee and offer without even asking, assuming You do drink. Haha so friendly if You ask Me. One of the traditions I love about Our cultures :)!

    SJay // The Chronic Dreamer | A Lifestyle Blog

  2. yum yum yum! i once read that societies that live long lives are known to drink a cup of coffee in the morning, a cup of green tea in the afternoon, and a glass of red wine at night. i've been trying to incorporate this habit into my life! coffee has always been a big part, and sometimes i even have two cups of coffee. but in order to drink more green tea, i bought an electric kettle for my desk at work!


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