May 16, 2014

What Do You Stand For?

Yesterday was a weird day. I was in an awful mood, and I just wanted to be alone. I spent about four hours in front of the computer, catching up on my life, making a to-do list and listening to music non stop. I finally realized that the reasons I was in a bad mood were trivial, and frankly not important to my life anymore. It's hard to focus when there's a lot of background noise, that's when I shut down, and can't think straight.

When I have bad days, the only thing that helps is doing something I love. I love reading blogs, I love connecting with other people, and most importantly I love focusing on what I'm good at, and what brings me joy.

I thought back to a few years ago when life seemed less complicated and more easy going. Who am i? Who is Maria

I am a kindhearted person who loves helping other people. I thrive on emotional and deep connections with others. I absolutely fall in love with culture, and traveling, meeting new faces and learning.  I want to constantly be moving, learning ,and breathing in new things. 

I am a person who hates being held down by anything or anyone. I have my own opinions and I move freely the way I want to, if I am forced to feel or do anything I will not go forward with it. 

I love the people in my life so much. I will literally do anything for anyone if they're important to me.

Money isn't important to me. Life is. I would much rather live than focus on how much money something is going to make me. 

I love being creative. Doing things that fill me completely is what is important to me. I want to be happy, I want to be doing things that are meaningful. 

I'm not writing this to tell anyone that I'm this great person who stands for something amazing. I mean sure we are all amazing in our own ways but I'm writing this because I think sometimes we forget what we stand for. We forget what we deserve, what makes us who we are. A snap back into reality is really all you need.

In the end, there's really one common goal here. Do what you love. Ignore the people or things that aren't making your story go the way you want it to. If someone isn't adding to your life, don't allow them to continue ruining it. 

Don't let any kind of negative energy enter into your little bubble. You have all the power in the world to make things go the way you want them to. Breathe in what you love, and exhale the things you don't need. 

Choose to be true to yourself and what you stand for.


  1. Maria! OMG. Thank you so much. I needed to read this and hear this. I've had the most awful week because of feeling this way! Today I am finally starting to feel clear headed but reading this makes me feel so much better and human.
    I can't tell you how this helps me today.
    Thank you for being so transparent and honest. I love following your journey! XOXO

    1. I stand for excellence. Not for the sense of entitlement or being the best in regards of anything. I stand for the dedicated identity that my parents, friends and people around me KNOW and LOVE. Today on this raining May 16th, I received some not so goo news and reading your blog, although about fashion, it has themes that people should take into consideration.

  2. Hi Maria!

    I thank you so much for sharing this blog. I really need to fit your story about that I need to take a break from the negative people and focus on my love for God. Your blog touch me and inspire me to take a relaxation and drink the hot tea. I love it! Thank you for making my day.



  3. I feel like I needed this post. I've been really bogged down lately, though I haven't really been expressing it externally. I need to step back, relax, breathe a little deeper, and focus on the positive things and look towards the future! I adore your blog, it's so wonderful.

  4. so true!!!!

    stop by,

  5. This is a really beautiful post Maria. You keep going, the way you're going and you'll go far.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  6. well said! i hope you're having a better day today :).

  7. i hope you're feeling better girl!! <3

    at this volume

  8. This post is great, I understand you completely and I often have these days as well. Knowing what you stand for is important and your advice is definitely something I try to follow everyday. Thanks for sharing this lovely post.

    Fellow Blogger,
    Priscilla Ivette

  9. i love this. it's so important to sit back and think about who you are. i've been thinking about this so much lately. thanks for always being open and honest!


  10. I love you little sis. Never forget how amazing you are. xoxo


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