Dec 7, 2013

Sponsor Feature : Pinup Brooches

Hey guys! I am so excited to share this feature on one of LTV's sponsors this month, Pinup Brooches. She creates brooches, necklaces, and hair pieces from recycled goods. Everything from broken machinery, jewelry, vintage textiles, and computer chips - on average, about 85% of her products is eco-friendly with only the hardware purchased new.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Kaylin. I live in the beautiful Bay Area of San Francisco where I am constantly inspired by the people and life around me. I adore antiques, have a weakness for vintage frocks, and am helpless without a cup of coffee. I also have the Pinup Brooches shop on etsy which is somewhere I share my passion for making unique pieces.

How did your blog & shop get started?

When I opened my shop, I was teaching Pre-K full time and mainly created accessories for fun. In my search for finding ways to reuse scrap paper or pipe cleaners in my classroom, I was finding new ways to use old jewelry and fabric samples in my accessories. There was, and still is, a strong sense of treasure hunting. What can I create from this? What can I do with these items that can give them new purpose? Asking those questions, led me to opening my own shop and creating some pretty awesome lesson plans. Haha  

What inspires you the most?

My love for brooches, specifically, began as a little girl staying after-school with my grandparents. I'd spend my afternoons playing dress up in my mom-moms red dancing shoes and sparkling brooches. She always had the most beautiful things and a story to go with them. To this day, I'm still inspired by those memories and am always seeking the stories behind the pieces I use. Whether they're old trims from a wedding gown or an earring missing its companion, stories are everywhere. It's also why I enjoy reading so much and often draw inspiration from favorite novels or characters. Characters, different time periods of fashion, really fun and colorful patterns - all these things inspire me.

What advice do you have for anyone who is looking to open up their own online shop?

My advice is to do something you love. Everyday. Make sure that what you sell is something you're proud of and can stand behind. If you love it, they'll love it. When opening an online shop(s), take time to make your shop/brand look cohesive. Best way to communicate information is through great pictures. Nothing will help you more like having clear, descriptive pictures of your product. Other than that, be friendly, be you, and have fun!

What are your future goals & plans, where do you want to be in 5+ years?

Hmmm...5 years ago, I would never have thought I'd be where I am now! Seems crazy to attempt a plan, but my goal - wherever I am - is to make the best of this product. If I continue and strive to make the most beautiful, well-crafted, whimsical accessories I can, the rest will fall into place. 


  1. Hey, love the necklace! Its beautiful! I love brooches too, theyre the simplest way to juush up an outfit or item! Great post, very inspirational. :)


  2. these are beautiful!



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