Sep 4, 2013

Let's Talk Tampons, Shall We? // Sponsored by U by Kotex

So when it comes to tampons, let's be one actually wants to talk about them, think about them, and no one wants to be seen trying to slyly hand one off to a friend in a dire time of need. But, the reality is we(the ladies) have all been there. When I got the email from U by Kotex asking me to write about their unscented click tampons I was actually pretty excited to try them out because who doesn't like trying out new products, right? 

The one thing that really caught my eye to begin with, was the packaging. The box is small, black, and has a lot of color. It definitely makes it stand out, and makes you feel better about walking through a store with this in your cart. Once I opened the box I was even more excited to see that the tampons were tiny, compact and in different colored wrappers. 

As women, we have to deal with having a period once a month...During that time we have to go about our normal days, which usually includes work, social gatherings..etc. It's so easy to just throw one of these little guys in your pocket, and make your way to the bathroom without feeling like everybody in the world knows it's the time of the month for you. Not only that, if you want to have a "secret hand off" to your friend who accidentally forgot hers, you don't feel so weird about doing so, because it doesn't even look like your average every day tampon.

As far as the product itself, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. As I said before, I am a busy woman, constantly running from A to B, and I need something that has good protection and lasts for me to go about my day. I had a really great experience with U by Kotex, and I definitely think they are my new go-to. If you'd like to try your own sample, click here.  It's a great way to test out if this product is for you. 

For more information you can also check the U by Kotex facebook and twitter.

Again for my guy readers, sorry if this wasn't your cup of tea, but sometimes ladies just have to be real and talk about things that affect us personally. I hope you'll understand ;)

I wrote this review while participating in a content series through Clever Girls Collective on behalf of U by Kotex, and received products to facilitate my post and compensation for my time to participate.

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  1. I love how Kotex revamped their brand. This line is so different than any other tampons out there right now. I love how frank and real their commercials were too. I've yet to try them since I usually get the jumbo packs at Sam's Club and they don't carry Kotex there. Sad. Maybe I'll try out the free samples!
    I really liked this review!

  2. great post. these look fun! i'll have to try a sample!


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  4. I love the packaging. It really is more discreet and not instantly recognisable as tampons. X

  5. interesting sponsored post! this tampon does sound good, I'll get the samples no doubt

    The Young Bridget Jones

  6. I hate how we have to be ashamed about our period. It happens. Everybody knows it happens. Idc if you see me with a box of tampons or carrying one around. The packaging is very cute though.


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