Apr 25, 2013

Thursday Haul V.5

Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Butter $15 - I love putting this on when my skin is extremely dry because it soothes it without caking on. It is a little bit thicker than most of my other lotions so I save it for those extreme cases. It also smells beautiful, which doesn't hurt either.
Evian Water Spray $3.50 - This is perfect for a day where your makeup is just not looking as fresh. A simple spritz and you're ready to roll. It's perfect to keep you looking fresh even when you don't have time to retouch your makeup.
Depth Body Lotion $8 - Best lotion I have ever smelled in my life! I love how thick this lotion is and how long it keeps my skin hydrated. I originally found this at Whole Foods in their wellness department, and immediately knew I loved the scent. It's pricier in the store, but very worth it, and the smell is sweeter than you can imagine.
Bed Head Foxy Curls $11- A lot of readers have been asking about my hair, and even though a lot of times my hair looks done, I am a very simple gal when it comes to products. I love putting something in my hair, sleeping in it and then waking up in the morning and touching it up. This stuff smells great, and doesn't make my hair crunchy which is very important.
Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus $13.50 -Another go- to product for my curls. I love love love this stuff. It's perfect to put in my hair right before I run out the door, by the time it dries my curls are bouncy and look like they were curled with an iron. I love this stuff, a must have for those with waves!
(cheapest online prices used, online compared to in store is a huge money saver, do yourself a favor and do some research before buying any products! Also, all opinions are my own, no products were endorsed for this post)


  1. i really need to try more of bed head's products - thanks for these recs, friend. i always love discovering new hair products!

  2. I'm all over that lotion! I LOVE whole foods! Thanks for the suggestion, lady.
    The Nautical Owl

  3. I want to try that lotion!

    xo Ashley


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