Apr 12, 2013


Having toddlers in your family pretty much means you're never going to get the "perfect" photo. Those pictures always end up being the best though, don't they? The ones where everything is just as it should be in its natural state. My dad doesn't like smiling for pictures because he thinks it's unnatural so he always tells me to just snap when he isn't paying attention.

It's a pretty funny concept right? We all want to look perfect and every detail has to be so precise. In reality, the most beautiful and indescribable things are those with the slightest, or more obvious imperfections. Imperfections are reality, they are beautiful, and they are what make us vulnerable. I love taking family photos, especially when everything is really loud and crazy in my house because I know that one day I will look back and remember how crazy and amazing my family truly is (not like I don't already know this).

Birthdays are important to us and we always make sure to make everyone feel as special as possible. I have so many great pictures that are unplanned or in the moment. Makes me want to have my camera out with me all the time. Sometimes we forget how important our family is, and I am definitely guilty of this as well. My parents spent most of their adult lives oceans away from their parents, and their siblings. That serves as the perfect reminder to never take anything for granted, and always appreciate the love that is around me. 

Happy Friday everybody!


  1. What warm, fun, lovely photos! Family times are the best :) Happy Friday!




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