Jan 16, 2013

How To Stay Inspired

Inspiration is such a funny thing, isn't it? It's so hard to explain. For me, it's a feeling that I get deep inside that itches to come out. It's almost like a warm fuzzy-Christmas morning type of feeling. It comes and goes. Sometimes stays for a long time, sometimes, it stays for a mere moment or two. I've found that when things seem like they are going awry, it helps me to do the things I love and the things that help me maintain a positive attitude. The important thing is, to embrace inspiration when you can, and use it.

For me the best advice I can give someone on staying inspired is to do things that they love. If you are busy like me, find time during the week to fit in your special "do nothing" moments. Getting started is always the hardest, but sometimes you just need to take your time.

I don't force writing serious posts on the blog unless something is specifically on my mind. I think sometimes, it does need to come on it's own. One question that I get often is how I stay inspired, and what I do specifically to find inspiration. I don't want to sit here and pretend I have all the answers and that I know what I'm doing, because frankly, I don't. Most of the time, it happens by accident. But here's a list of things that help me when I feel a little out of it and need some inspiration.

-- Listen to some of my favorite songs and sing them while doing things
-- Photography. Lots and lots of pictures of nothing at all. Finding inspiration in every little crevice of my surroundings.
-- Reading through some of my favorite blogs or some inspiring posts
-- A nice long walk when the weather permits
-- Cleaning (this is huge for me. it really helps me gather my thoughts)
-- Look through old photographs and try to think about past days
-- Look through some fashion magazines
-- Try to organize the aspects of my life that seem hectic at the moment

What keeps you inspired?


  1. loved this! it usually helps me to keep a few art supplies around the house, for when inspiration strikes :) cleaning is a huge one for me, too!

    xx, kara

  2. Cleaning and organizing for sure! Whenever I sweep and tidy up my sewing room, I get super excited to start the next project with a clean slate.


  3. Awesome advice Maria!!! Seriously fabulous post!

  4. I enjoyed your inspiration post today as well! I completely agree with yours too. Thanks for stopping by.

    Tiff Ima

  5. whenever i need inspiration, i go to my pinterest & look at all the stuff i've saved over the past year. i also like to browse through some of my favorite blogs.

    xoxo, Oleah
    Wet Seal x Wanelo Contest!

  6. Love this post. I think if I made my own list of ways-to-get-inspired, it would look a lot like yours. And I definitely agree - cleaning is such a stress reliever.

    Apples are my favorite thing to pull out of my lunch. Somehow they just make my day better. Thanks for the little boost of inspiration!

  7. Cleaning definitely helps me focus. Thought I was the only crazy person! ;) Also, I love Pinterest for uninspiring days. Its literally good for everything.

    xo Ashley

  8. these are some great tips! i've been in kind of a slump lately!

    Sandy a la Mode

  9. Such a great post and tips! My only things on staying inspired are go out and share with people. Get bored is also an important thing in my life, because I give more spaces in my mind to filled up with random thoughts and mostly I get many brilliant ideas from it. Good luck x

  10. Wonderful list! I agree so much with cleaning and fashion articles. Marie Claire, Bazaar, Glamour and others keep me so inspired.

    I find inspiration via: Jen, day-dreaming of my most beloved places that I've been and want to go, reading blogs, deviantART, Etsy, Tumblr; colors and color combos, nature and natural elements, scents and so much more. I'm often inspired on a daily basis, but I cannot always put my feelings into words.

  11. I like looking at photos made by other people. They give me ideas for new subjects to photograph, new angles to try. I also love reading a good novel. Always full of inspiring words!


  12. You have a great list of things to keep you inspired. I'm going to try the photography (just got a new camera) and see where that takes me. =0)
    I also visit blogs and listen to music, flip through magazines or surf through Pinterest.
    Happy Thursday,

  13. Love this! Surprisingly, cleaning is huge for me too! On those days when I just need to clean, I don't care how long it takes, there's something so therapeutic about it... glad to know I'm not the only one! haha

    Writing is also a huge one for me. Sometimes my mind will feel so bogged down, and I'll just write one sentence and then it just keeps flowing and flowing. Some of my longest posts came from that. :)

  14. Inspiration comes often when I'm on the train and just stare outside and let my mind wander...then I have sudden ideas and can't wait to get home to realise them!

  15. Cleaning totally grounds me as well! It's a small accomplishment for me when I'm feeling overwhelmed, so it always makes me feel like I crossed one thing off my list.


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