Dec 3, 2012

This Is What I Know At 26.

Today I turn 26 years of age. I wanted to write some things that I thought would be meaningful. Like most things in my life I have reflected upon my years on this earth, and wanted to come up with some sort of defining post that covers all the bases. I think it's safe to say that none of us plan where we will end up at any period of time, and even if you try to plan it, usually things go awry. Thus, another lesson learned...stop planning. I am not sure where I thought I would be in this moment. Regardless of what I thought, I am here now, and now is good. Life is pleasant, and I am blessed to be surrounded by wonderful human beings who love and care about me. That, after all is what counts right?

Originally I planned on a 26 before 26 post, but honestly I read through my last year's post, and I hardly did anything on the list...So why waste my time making lists of things I won't follow through with? This is what I know at 26. Things about myself. And things about life.

Nothing is better than the beginning of falling in love with someone. Everything they do is so new, and breathtaking. You'll never smile so big, or feel that initial reaction ever again. There's so much beauty and innocence in getting to know someone. A fresh start is a beautiful thing.

There are a few things that make me feel better than having a great night out, looking at my friends and knowing they're having just as much fun as I am. Then waking up the next morning and laughing about all the ridiculous things that happened, and reliving it all over again.

As quickly as someone can bring you up, they can tear you down just as fast. Gravity can suck sometimes.

Forgive people...It's easier than holding grudges. People will disappoint you, and you'll disappoint people. We're all human.

Happiness cannot be bought. You can't find it somewhere. It won't change with your waist size or your hair color. It's something that is inside of you and you just need to figure out where it's been all along. 

Honest and open communication is key in every relationship you have. The truth can hurt, but it always sounds better.

It is important to be kind to people. Holding the door for them, saying please, thank you and have a good day. You never know how awful of a day someone may be having, and all it takes is one small act of kindness to make them smile.

Being an adult means you can have ice cream and pancakes for dinner...isn't that awesome?

Comparing yourself to others is only cutting yourself short, use that energy on something productive.

Don't ever feel bad about expecting things. You deserve all of it..Every little thing and more.

Don't stay in anything if you're not 100% committed or happy. This could be a relationship, a job, a major...anything. Don't settle because you're too lazy or scared of change. You'll regret it.

Days off should be spent exploring, laughing, eating...and lots of snuggling.

Allow the past to bring you forward. You have the perfect stepping stone. No need to make the same mistakes.

Always remember...there's someone out there that thinks you're the greatest thing since sliced bread. 

Being alone can be one of the best and worst times of your life. Embrace your alone time. Learn about yourself, and grow. Don't underestimate the power you possess as an individual, believe that you can be self reliant, and you will.

outfit details: Dress // courtesy of Lulu's , Tights // Courtesy of WLC , Booties // Target , Socks & Bowler Hat & Belt // UO


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  2. This is awesome. I agree with everything you've said esp. the part about being alone since I'm just now truly finding myself after moving to a new state/city. Happy Birthday Miss Wise Thang :)


  3. Happy Birthday!!!! Love all of the wisdom :) Hope you have a great one!

    xo, Emily

  4. Happy Birthday from me, too!

  5. Happy birthday, doll! I have learned that life is a journey of unexpected events...some good, some bad, some that just are. Always expect the unexpected :) Adorable layered look!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! congratulations.... I just turned 29 and I think we get wiser.... hugs dear...

  7. Happy birthday! I too think it is so important to forgive!

  8. Happy Birthday! 'Things I Know' posts are awesome at making you question and explore the way you look at the world. Stay optimistic about life, it's a lot of work to be a pessimist, and the meetings are too damn crowded these days. Here's to a year of days well spent. And to remembering that they're non-refundable.

  9. this was lovely, maria. happy birthday and i'm glad you have so much wisdom to share and all of it is very true.
    your hat goes well with the vintage glasses and your sock detail. stay warm and keep dreaming big!

    pandaphilia fashion

  10. Happy Birthday! And I really love this post. Especially the stop planning part. I needed to here that right now! Life will be okay and good. Thanks for the inspiration today. I love your dress.
    Almost Endearing

  11. Happy Birthday, lovely lady!!! I couldn't agree more on falling in love. I've only fallen in love once and that was when I was 13/14 and here I am, 23, and we're still in love! Just celebrated our 5 year wedding anni. on September 13th. :D It's an amazing feeling, too, when you just keep fallin'.

    I hope your year is precious and packed with love and happiness, wealth and lots of good luck, with a dusting of magick. <3

  12. Happy birthday pretty lady!

    xo, Courtney

  13. What a lovely post Maria. I totally agree with you and I think you are such a special and beautiful person, inside and out. Happy Birthday! I hope this year is your best so far.
    xo, Shannon

  14. Happy, happy birthday!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom! :)

  15. I love this post!!
    And happy birthday! :)

  16. Happy Birthday! These are the most wonderful things to know. Hope this coming year is wonderful!

  17. Happy birthday girl, wish you the best today and always :)

  18. Happy Birthday - You look lovely in your pics! x

  19. Girl, you are about 572 times wiser than I was at your age. You're amazing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  20. happy birthday dear maria! hooray for knowing yourself and being true. best wishes! :)

  21. These are great and you look fantastic :) Happy birthday

    xo Ashley

  22. Happy, happy birthday!! Everything you said is so true and fantastic! I definitely agree about letting things go! Love your outfit so much!

  23. This is just perfection! Exactly what I've been needing for a while now.

    Thanks, lady! & again, Happy Birthday!! :)


  24. Hope you have the happiest birthday!

  25. Really sweet post, and happy birthday!
    At 26, you certainly know how to dress cute!


  26. Happy birthday! You are already so wise :)

  27. You are so pretty, a "pretty parisien" like we said

  28. Wonderful post. I completely agree about forgiving people, no matter how difficult it is, it makes things much better for all the people involved.

  29. Happy Birthday!!!

  30. Happy Birthday yesterday!
    I say that you know a lot that some 26 year olds have yet to learn...Great post! Life is always full of surprises. Thanks for sharing what you know with us. =)

  31. ::clap clap clap:: what an amazing post! Truthful, honest, and thoughtful. Truly an amazing write-up. Not to mention a lovely outfit as usual.

    Oh, and btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  32. this is wonderful! :D enjoying your blog very much!
    the year of slow fashion

  33. Happy Birthday! A very thoughtful list too.

    I love this outfit. Your style has been evolving so much and it is so fun to watch that adventure.


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