Dec 7, 2012


The weather is dreary today. Milan Kundera said “The Greek word for “return” is nostos. Algos means “suffering.” So nostalgia is the suffering caused by an unnapeased yearning to return.”

It comes more often in the winter when the trees are  bare and the sky lacks its luster. The sky and world seems grey, so of course the reminiscing takes place. These photos are from my trip a few years ago to Cyprus, where my Mom grew up. I have a really soft spot for all of the pictures I took on this trip. Looking through them sometimes makes me smile, but I also get this knot in my stomach that doesn’t really go away. It’s hard to explain a place that feels so much like home, but it’s so far away at the same time. I spent most of my summers there as a child, and four years of my young life living there as well.

Although it was a long time ago, it’s something that means a lot to me and definitely pulls on my heart strings. What I remember most is the people, and my Grandma. Going back a few years ago was strange because it had been the first time I was back since she had passed away.Missing a certain place or person is a difficult feeling to swallow especially when there’s not much you can do to fix it.

I have been dying to travel again. I don’t even know where I want to go but I just feel it. Once you begin traveling and exploring, real life and staying in one place doesn’t seem the same anymore. I feel like part of my heart still resides in that place I visited every summer as a kid. Saying goodbye never gets easier.

I think when things get overwhelming I revert to this place, because to me it’s my safe spot. It’s a memory that I use often, and it’s something that fills up all those little voids when things don’t seem to be going right or life seems chaotic. 

I hope you all have a great weekend, and if you’re feeling nostalgic today know that you’re not alone.


  1. the place looks amazing, i think is normal to feel that way, especially in the holiday


  2. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous and so are you. I've been yearning to get away too! I think it's everyone talking about a getaway so much!

  3. Marie, this is a beautiful post and photos too. Thanks for sharing your past and emotions.

  4. Nostalgia is the sweetest kind of suffering there is. At least that is how I always feel... I was going through this only a few nights ago. I was rummaging around through some old things and found my pocket German dictionary that I had with me when I was there and a picture of my host brother and I inside... I have had a nostalgic ache in my heart ever since...

    Beautiful post. Much love.

    This Lovely Little Day

  5. I wanna go somewhere too! and for that, italy is m choice!
    lovely photos!

  6. I am dying to go to Greece. One of my best friends in high school was Greek & I've been obsessed with the culture & the food ever since! The pictures are gorgeous!

  7. Gorgeous post and such a familiar feeling. I often crave living back where Jen and I first worked. We worked right on Lake Powell, had lunch on the houseboats or the outdoor sitting area, big salads and ice cream. We took little boating trips around the lake, hiked, ate, drank, enjoyed. Such a special place and one that holds SO many amazing memories, it's tough to be away from it.

  8. you have a great eye for photographs!

    xo Jennifer


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