Nov 30, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

Canon 5d Mark III  // Need I say more? This camera is an a blogger's (or anyone for that matter) dream. I got the opportunity to use one and I fell in love with it. Nothing comes out more crisp. When I said dream , I meant it..this thing is unreal. 

Bamboo Tablet // Handwriting and arrow drawing comes easy with this bad boy. I have wanted one for a while now, may be time to take the plunge. 

Birdie Forever Sweater & Navajo Sweater // I am a sweater obsessed little woman. In the winter it's all I want to wear. Something big and comfy, and soft is perfect.

Green Coat // I have wanted a dark green coat forever. I think I need one to match my red one. Then I can really be in the Christmas spirit.

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend. I leave today for Lake George and couldn't be happier to breathe in some fresh air and enjoy a relaxing getaway for a few days.


  1. All good things. Early Happy Birthday!

  2. I need to get my hands on a navajo print something too. Happy Birthday!


  3. That tablet looks awesome! That would be so fun to play with. And, that camera is amazing! I have the Canon 5d Mark II and couldn't be happier with it. Happy early birthday. I hope all your wishes come true. :)

  4. OOo swooning over that tablet! I have never used one, but I do love what a personal touch it can add. My fiance is a concept artist for video games so he has one. Maybe I'll have to try his out...

  5. my boyfriend has a 5d. i have no idea how he afforded it, but i feel super lucky because it's what we shoot most of my style photos with now. it is AMAZING. maybe there will be some holiday deals for them? xoxo!

  6. I want all of these! Eeep! Do you think the Mark III is more crisp than the Mark II?

  7. a Bamboo tablet is definitely on my wishlist as well! I feel like it would be so handy.

  8. That navajo sweater <3

    xo Ashley

  9. I will take one of each please!!!! Especially that little bamboo tablet!

    xo, Courtney


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