Nov 13, 2012


Hey guys! Today I am writing a post about this awesome jewelry website called Anjolee. I'm sure you've heard about them through the blogosphere, but if you haven't they are an original jewelry manufacturer  based out of San Diego that creates beautiful collections that can be found throughout the US. Here is some more information on their different types of jewelry & stones. I really loved the vintage bracelets, for obvious reasons of course :) My favorite part of the site was the customizable jewelry. You can pick out everything you'd like including carat, metal type, length, and diamond quality. That pretty much means you can make a perfect piece, designed specifically for you.  You can customize your own bracelets, rings, necklaces, or earrings. Here are some of my favorites from the site.

If you want to learn more about Anjolee, visit them here: 

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Arrows in photo from: Hellovanny


  1. I've hear about Anjolee before. They have really pretty jewelry. WOW!!! I have to check them out. :D


  2. Love Anjolee! I received a necklace from them in 2011 for review. I loved how easy making my necklace customized was. :D


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