Sep 21, 2012

Friday Is For Favorites: Paper Love Stationery

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 
I'm a twenty-two year old college student who is majoring in accounting. I work full time for a wholesale paper company and attend school at night. I love coffee, sushi, movies, camping, and adventures. Harry Potter and Optimus Prime are my heroes.
How did your blog & shop get started?
I started a personal blog in 2009, that I rarely post on (I seriously can not find time!) and I started my shop in May of this year after I found a really great way to express my creativity. I always had a love for creating pretty things and within the past year, I discovered designing paper goods was a really great outlet for me, and so I decided to open my Etsy Shop, PAPER LOVE STATIONERY.
What inspires you the most? 
It really depends. Sometimes I'll go days without designing a new invite or card, and other times I won't go to bed because I can't stop creating. I tend to create my designs based on the type of person who may be purchasing them, so I guess the people around me and my environment are what really inspire my designs.
What advice do you have for anyone who is looking to open up their own online shop?
You have to be dedicated and ambitious! If you don't work hard to get your hard work out there to others, you won't see as much success with your shop. The best thing is to Promote. Promote. Promote.Let others know about your creations and how much you love what you do, and they will be more inclined to visit your shop and even purchase some of your items.
What are your future goals & plans, where do you want to be in 5+ years?
Oh my gosh! This question never gets any easier does it? 5 years used to seem like forever when I was little, but it really isn't that long, I really hope to have graduated from college with a degree in accounting. And from there, I would absolutely love to open a brick ad mortar store where I can display all my items for my community to visit.

*As I stated in my previous post, stick around for a giveaway from both of these wonderful shops*

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