Aug 17, 2012

At The Moment.

Original credit: Currently Sometimes Sweet
Watching: Still loving reality TV as always, but trying to enjoy shark week, and also throwing some old wondershowzen to the mix. If you have never watched that show, I suggest you do, it's hysterical and weird, but awesome. 

Eating: Healthy, or trying to at least as much as I can. Haven't had coffee in weeks, cutting down on my sugar intake, and focusing more on leafy greens.

Thinking about: Change. And about how vital it is for growth. The hard times bring you to the good times, and I just need to remember that. 

Anticipating: Orientation on Monday. My nerves will be in a knot and I will probably be freaked out until I finally get there, but I am excited deep down. I am just excited for school in general, I can't believe I start in two weeks!

Working on: Remaining positive and remembering how blessed I really am.

Wishing: That fall would get here already. I'm ready for apple cider, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin carving, HALLOWEEN!, falling leaves, sweaters, scarves, layering....I COULD GO ON AND ON. Just get here!

Feeling: like this guy right here. (you need to watch that)


  1. Your change perspective is really good! Working on applying that to my life!


  2. OMG that video is so funny! now my day is better :)I am so excited for fall to come too!!!

  3. i love your skirt--i am having a thing for polka dots at the moment.

    and i need to remember that we need the hard times to appreciate the good times :)

  4. Oh god, YES Wondershowzen!!! "You're never too young... to have a Vietnam flashback". Amazing.
    Change is always scary, but in situations like this, fear and excitement differ only in frame of mind, they feel awfully similar!


  5. HAHAHAHA. hysterical. that's the part I quote all the time...that and the part with the pig where he goes "officer how long have you been a cop" and YOU JUST WON A MAKEOVER!

  6. Totally adorable! Love your ensemble and your specs! Also: I totally forgot about that dancing dog. Best. Ever.

  7. great post! eating healthy is good!

  8. You look adorable, I'm in love with your glasses!
    Great blog, following!
    xo Annie

  9. So Adorable !!!!! Great Blog !!!!

  10. Hey hun, great post! Love your glasses :) Thanks for your comment xx

  11. I loved reading this post. It gave me a sort of calm. Cute shorts.

  12. I definitely can't wait for autumn either! This is a really inspiring list and I love your blog :) x

  13. orientation! ugh i never like orientations - so nerve wrecking. i don't miss them! and i'm exciting for fall as well.

    i'm going to go check out whatever that guy link is that you linked to (that sentence is not written right, but i'm sure you get me :D)

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails


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