Jul 31, 2012

The Land Of Ten Thousand Lakes

One of our last days in Minnesota was spent at the lake which everyone called "the beach." It was gorgeous, the water was the perfect temperature, and there were no waves (I can't swim) so I was extremely satisfied. We had lunch and then drove over, it's located right in my Aunt's development so it was easy to get to, and very convenient. It was so nice spending time with my cousins because we only see each other on random family get togethers. I definitely appreciate the time we have together, because I know how limited it is, and that makes it even better. 

Growing up I always remember having a serious bond with all of my cousins on my Mom's side. Although we all grew up far away, we spent a lot of summers together, and kept in touch through letters/phone/email etc. I remember certain moments growing up where we all played and laughed, and spent days running around my Grandma's village, and it makes me miss those days so much. It never feels weird or awkward being around them because we all get along so well, and we all can be ourselves around each other. That funny pose in the first shot is our usual beach shot, it started with all of the girl cousins posing in our suits years ago on a beach in Cyprus, and now when we get the chance we try to reenact it, even if Jeremy(cousin's fiancee) and my boy cousin jump in.

I look at these photos and I wish I was laying on the sand right now with a drink in my hand. MEHH. Bouncing back after a vacation is probably the worst feeling in the world. Why must we work? I wish it was socially acceptable to just do what made us happy all day long and not worry about income, wouldn't that be the best? :shrug:...one can dream...Happy Tuesday guys, have a great week!


  1. Looks like a lovely family getaway:) I just felt like I took a little vacay after reading this post! I love your blog so much;)

    <3 Marielley


  2. sounds like you had such fun with your family. i only have two cousins and one is thirteen years younger than me, so i wish i had such a good relationship with mine.

  3. total minnesota beach/lake fun! reconnecting like no time has passed without awkwardness is definitely superior to going back to work. :)

  4. Looks like tons of fun! Can't wait to see what else you did! It's always nice to hang out with family without the stress of the holidays. I'm going to hang out with my sister and brother all next week in DC. Can't wait! PS. We are actually the land of 10,000 lakes :)

  5. What a fun day! You and your cousins are all so gorgeous.

  6. There's nothing quite like a fun day at the beach.

  7. Um, can I second the act to remove the need for a living income? That way, I can lay out all day, & maybe one day have an allover tan again...sigh. ;) I'm glad you had such a fun, relaxing time with your family! xo

  8. The lake looks beautiful and I love that first shot so fun!

  9. Have you ever posted any photographs of your tattoo? I'd like to see it. Been considering one on my side as well. You look great, btw.


    1. I have definitely thought about it, maybe one day soon i'll do a tattoo story post :)

  10. aw, i absolutely love visiting minnesota! i have a lot of family that lives there. you are absolutely adorable, girl! loving these photos! so beautiful!
    xo TJ

  11. and look at that beach bod of yours!!! jeallouuusss :)

  12. Such fun photos! You look so gorgeous!



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