Jul 18, 2012

Sister, I Thank You.

Growing up with an older sister can mean a lot of things. Most of the time it involves getting bossed around, but there are a lot of other good things that can come from it.  My sister and I are eight years apart, so naturally her teenage years meant that I was basically invisible. This didn't stop me from wanting to be just like her in every way. Although we are extremely different now she taught me so many things about life and helped me become the person I am today.

From the age of five until the age of nine, I lived in Cyprus with my family, so a great deal of that time was spent away from the American culture. My sister (being the awesome person that she is) introduced me to some of the best movies, music , and cartoons the 80's had to offer. I am more well rounded because of this, extremely fluent in simpson-talk(the episodes  Conan wrote of course) and I can pretty much quote every Anthony Michael Hall movie.

Here are some of my favorite things, and I have my sister to thank for this. She molded me well, and I love her for it.

Movies: Weird Science, Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, The Princess Bride, Stand By Me, Ferris Bueller, A Fish Called Wanda, Back To The Future, E.T, Pretty In Pink, Uncle Buck.

Cartoons: (they were WAY better back then): Care Bears, The Simpsons, Alvin and the Chipmunks, California Raisins, Moncchichis, Punky Brewster, Rainbow Brite, Sport Billy, Smurfs, Potato Head Kids, My Little Pony, Muppet Babies, Fraggle Rock, ALF, Ducktales.

TV Shows: Knight Rider, America's Funniest Home Videos, Family Matters, Full House, Golden Girls, MacGyver, Murder She Wrote, Bonanza, Saved By The Bell,  Small Wonder, Who's The Boss.

So to my sister, this is for you. Thank you for opening my eyes to American pop culture. I love you more than you know.

Also, one more thing. This is definitely not 80's , it was popular in 1954 but it's still our favorite movie scene. We can reenact it pretty perfectly.

Have your brother/sister affected certain things that you enjoy today? If so what, I would love to hear!


  1. Maria, this is great! She is one special lady! And trust me, the impact that younger sisters have on older sisters is just as awesome. :)

  2. good job, big sister!! yes, 80's (& early 90's IMO) has some of the BEST cartoons and movies! i'm still obsessed with them. and always will be, for sure. i worry for our current and future generation. haha. anyway, love the danny mckaye/bing crosby clip!

  3. maria, this might be my fave post of yours ever! it's such a good homage to your sister. :) i forgot some of that pop culture stuff. i wish i had been a better big sister to my little bro.

  4. I love Ducktales! (Also, my entire family adores White Christmas and my sister and I totally sing that song all the time too!)


  5. This is so sweet, I'm the little sister too and these big sisters don't have any idea how much we look up to them :)


  6. UNCLE BUCK! hahah and ducktales awesome awesome awesome! I think one sister is great...but I grew up with 4!!! AHGHGHGH! And two brothers...I was the last and 7th...yes 7th child. So you can imagine how horrific that is haha

  7. "Ever hear of a ritual killing? A mehehehe."
    Love you lil' sis.

  8. I LOVED SMALL WONDER! You are the only person I've ever talked to that knows that show. I love you.

  9. My brothers and i would ALWAYS reenact the "sisters" song. Hilarious! We would totally crack ourselves up. Those two had way too much fun filming that =)

    - Sarah

  10. Such a heartfelt post! We are your new follower:) xoxo

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  11. I wish - but I don´t have any siblings. It sucks! :-/

  12. Awww this so reminds me of me and my sister, right down to the White Christmas song! We are 5 years apart and I'm the older one, so I was the bossy one haha but as time has gone on my sister and I grow closer all the time, even though we live apart now.

  13. This post really touched me! I have two older sisters (three and five years older). I've always looked up to them, even when they did just think of me as their bratty younger sibling, and there is such a strong bond between us.

    We used to fight all the time growing up, but they also guided me and supported me all my life and for that I'm eternally grateful. x

  14. There really isn't really a good analogy or comparison to having sisters, especially when you're close to them. It's just an awesome feeling to know you always a best friend there no matter what happens.

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