Jun 28, 2012

Tips On Running A Successful Etsy Shop

Hi readers, I'm Larisa and I run the etsy shop Rissy Roo'sMost days, you can find me at the hair salon making art and developing relationships with my oh-so-lovely clientele.  On my off time, one place you can find me is sitting indian style in my room "crafting", which means making any and everything that feels right to me. I’m so happy to be a part of the goodness over at Little Tree this month!  Today, I’m going to share some of my personal tips on owning an Etsy Shop.

Tip # 1.  Strike a pose.  As everyone says…take good photos!  I played around with millions (literally) of backgrounds, colors, angles, etc.  What I wound up with?  Well, a huge sheet of poster cardboard under a bright spotlight with no flash.  I’m no photographer, and I don’t have a fancy camera, but I can tell you that if you focus right with this background and an iPhone it’s not so bad!  Besides the product, photos are a big part of Etsy shopping.

Tip # 2.  Find the right goods.  As in, supplies.  It’s really easy to go around the corner to Michael’s or A.C. Moore, but over time I’ve come to learn that Etsy itself carries the greatest selection of unique supplies.  Plus, those sellers are part of the community I’ve come to love so much.  I tend to find my most original pieces right here from my computer.

Tip # 3.  Stay fresh.  As an avid lover of black, I’ve learned to think outside the box a little bit.  For me personally, I try to go with the seasons while also staying true to myself.  Right now, it’s summer, which means you’ll find some traditional cheery colors surrounded by that familiar rush of black in my shop.  Hey, I’m traditional.

Tip # 4.  Pack em’ good.  I’ve learned so much on pretty presentation and customer service from my oh-so-many purchases.  People like pretty.  They’ve treated themselves to something they loved, so send it to their door in true fashion!  A book is sometimes still judged by its cover.

Tip #5.  Be positive.  It’s tough out there.  There are countless sellers, and the beauty is endless.  I am amazed and overwhelmed by some peoples’ creativity, that it’s hard not to question my own motives.  Why do I do this?  Are my goods worth their price?  Am I posting too many tweets about new products and sales?  Questioning = negativity.  Just do you, and those who wish to follow simply will.  If you don’t stand behind your product, it’s going to be hard to get others to.

Thanks for all your tips Larisa, if you guys would like to chat with her you can find her here.

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  1. great post! Sometimes we just need a little reminder to keep doing the simple things.




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