Apr 30, 2012

Meet My April Sponsors!

Here are some of my sponsors for the month of April! Go take a peek and say hello!

I'm a voracious thrifter, music aficionado, heathen,  and owner of a 1984 Westfalia Vanagon. I'm a writer and a designer, but mostly just a secret cat lady. A is for Ampersand is about all of these things with a little bit of thrifty goodness and old-fashioned magic for good measure.

I'm a blogger, vintage shop owner and Taco Bell enthusiast. When I'm not writing or eating Mexican food, I'm usually just trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Ah, isn't being 23 fun?!

  Hello! My name is RenĂ©e and I am a Twitter addict - hee hee. I like to own things that brighten my day, so most of the designs I dream up for This Creative Life or my other shop Robo Roku are whimsical and fun. On my blog you can find posts about food, fashion, music, my days working from home as a creative business owner who also does roller derby, and pretty much anything creative.
Blog // Twitter // Shop 1 & 2
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Closet Groupie is a website where fashionable girls sell items from their closets directly to other people.  I worked for many years in the fashion industry and noticed that some of the best clothes were not in stores, but in my friend's closets.  Closet Groupie helps you save money and earn money so we can all enjoy a more fabulous & fashionable lifestyle.  

A combination of classic and eclectic accessories, mainly for your hair and ears. I'm just your local hairstylist  by day, crafter by night.
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