Mar 17, 2012

Texas Style Council: Poshmark Party

 Ready to go!
 A pretty photo with the littles
 The inside photo booth, photo by Peter Tung
 Veronika and I (ps. she's probably the nicest person ever)
 My roommate for the trip, miss wild tonic
[For those interested my dress is from Modcloth(by Dahlia) shoes are Jeffrey Campbell]
 The beautiful Blowfish display.
 The tiniest-most-delicious cupcakes in the whole world. 
 you bet your sweet behind every blogger took photos of these little guys.

The Poshmark photobooth was hysterical, I look like a Mexican druglord
Photo with Lauren, Jennifer 

Saturday night was the Poshmark party, which was basically a huge party showcasing all of the sponsors for the Texas Style Council itself. After a long day of shopping, it was fun to unwind, meet some of the sponsors and sip wine while we got some free goodies! I really can't say enough about this trip, and everyone I met was so sweet and genuine. It's crazy how much most of us have in common, and when you meet, it's like you already knew each other and no introduction is necessary. I have a few more posts from TXSC and next week it'll be back to regular programming around these parts...Can't say I am really happy about that though, it's been SO fun recapping last weekend, and I almost wish I could do it all the time. For those who attended, which night was your favorite? Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend, the weather is supposed to shoot up again, and the rain is finally going to go away. Wahooooooo! Happy weekend everybody!


  1. That looks like so much fun! Your dress is very adorable too!

  2. First off, you look so so so adorable! Love your dress! And what a fun party. Great pics.

  3. you look adorable! love the pink dress!!

  4. This looks like so much fun! You look great of course too!
    Xo Dana
    P.s. It's self portrait Saturday on my blog today!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! p.s. I just ordered a coral dress with a white peter pan collar from F21! Seeing a similar style on you just makes me even more excited to get mine in the mail.

  6. You look absolutely adorable... the hair, the dress, the glasses -- love! Looks like such an amazing time, I am loving the posts from everyone :)

  7. looks like so much fun!
    you look adorable!

  8. I am loving your dress and your earrings! :) You look so cute!


  9. You look great in your dress!
    Love it!

  10. Aw, yay - you looked so fabulous girl and it was such a pleasure to meet you!! I loved getting the chance to connect and thanks so much for including my photo in this post! Smooches!! V

  11. the more i read on blogs, the more i realize i would have a better time at TSC than NYFW!


  12. how did you get the photos from peter tung? I was hoping to find mine on his website, but you need a password!

    Love the blog!

    1. actually on Facebook in the TXSC albums they're all on there!

  13. It looks like so much fun--and the photo booth photos cracked me up as did your caption :)

  14. Serrrriously... how PRETTY are you?? And what a fun event! Wish I lived in Texas :)

  15. Great pictures and recap! Thanks for coming out to the Poshmark party. :)


  16. I look so tall next to you and Jenni! That seriously NEVER happens. Such a great night though- love seeing everyone's pictures and posts!

  17. You are too adorable Maria. :) :) Absolutely loved meeting you! Hope you're getting back into the swing of things in Jersey! :)


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