Mar 6, 2012

A Little Video Of My Nephews.

Here's a little video Alex made for my sister & her husband for Christmas. Aren't the boys so adorable? I tear up every single time I watch it. I was thinking about the video today and realized I never shared it. It's such a great example of how talented Alex is, he really did such a beautiful job with it. Let me know what you think, and be honest, did you tear up?! hahaha


  1. First of all, your nephews are ADORABLE. And if you must know, I did get watery eyed. Not only had I never heard this Taylor Swift (I'm guessing) song before, but the lyrics were sooo nostalgic for my own life and how fast its gone by, but the fact that I have a brand new niece and nephew all the way down in Texas that I rarely get to see, if only through pictures and videos that my brother and sister send me. So, the song was beautiful and spoke volumes of truth, so that alone had me getting misty, and then seeing your nephews made me think of my "babies" and how I wish they could stay small forever, at least so I could embrace every little moment that I'm missing from being so far away.
    Anyway, Alex did a great job with this video. Kudos!

  2. i love this song. and this video is perfect for it. comon, i tear up during certain commercials yes, of course this video made me do it too! the boys are soo precious. alex is very very talented!


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