Mar 7, 2012

A Few Weeks In Updates

1 // Shopping at urban makes any day brighter
2 // A really beautiful card from a friend at work
3 // Light side of the moon cheesecake from Rafferty's
4 // Andreas (my nephew) & I
5 // Alex posing at brunch, he's so cute :)
6 // Me acting like a clown in front of my house

7 // My handmade Valentine's Day card & Mason Jar for Alex
8 // Alex & Eddie hugging too tight
9 // Waiting for my parents at the airport
10 // A beautiful quote I fell in love with! (not my own photo) via instagram
11 // The sweetest chocolate cake from my going away at work
12 // Snuggling with my favorite guy

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I hardly ever do updates from instagram but sometimes it's pretty fun to catch up on the past few weeks through every day photos. Tomorrow I am off to Austin with Lauren, for Texas Style Council. Our weekend is jam packed with lots of events with different bloggers, and I couldn't be more excited, not to mention the weather is going to be 70's and sunny, ALL WEEK.(they expect rain but i'm trying to be positive!) I won't be posting from the actual conference itself, but as soon as I get home I have tons to put up, I will be keeping my camera close for the whole trip so expect a lot of photos to come. Also if you're heading to TXSC drop me a line in the comments, and I would love to meet you.

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  1. Have fun in Texas, lady!

    And I too love shopping at Urban! Perhaps we can meet up when you get back!


  2. These pictures are so cute, and I love instragram because it just gives a real glimpse into someone's daily life. Have fun!

  3. Really cute collection of photos!

  4. i feel like instagram makes it easier to document my photos without my real camera and the hassles of uploading.

    loved this post and your blog!


  5. I love using instagram for updates. It's such a cute way to kind of wrap up a week. Thanks for sharing!!!

    xoxo -

  6. love the shoes and that last pic!!!!

  7. Have fun at TXSC! take pics!

  8. It was fun to see these intragrams-sneak-peeks into your life.


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