Jan 12, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight // Interview: All Gussied Up

Describe your business and how it got started?
Gilly Lynn is a collection of handmade accessories, clothing, and curated vintage.  I've always had a great passion for design, retail, and styling, so after graduating with a degree in fashion design and merchandising, I decided to launch a business in 2010.  I started with accessories and after success with the Gilly Lynn signature knotty necklaces (vintage fabric necklaces with handmade beads), I wanted to dive into clothing.  I debuted a clothing collection at Baltimore Fashion Week, in August of 2011.  
Describe what you do full time besides your shop/blog?

Currently, I'm working on a collection of handbags in both leather and vegan styles.  I'm hoping to offer a few different styles in the shop for the Spring and Summer seasons!  When I'm not working on the shop, I'm spreading style advice, shopping resources, and creative projects on my blog All Gussied Up.
Do you have any tips for someone looking to open up a shop online?
It's a lot of work, but if you're passionate, you'll enjoy it!  People don't always realize everything that goes into an online shop.  We deal with many of the same issues as a brick and mortar store -- just a little differently.  It can be fairly easy to open up a shop with sites like Etsy, but there is a lot that goes on behind the storefront.  Designing and putting together products, sourcing vintage, photographing, uploading, marketing, and business management are just a few of my day-to-day activities.  I also maintain my blog, All Gussied Up, to provide a styling guide to the everyday woman.  I'm extremely passionate about what I do, so I don't mind putting in long hours.
Where do you see your business going in the next 5+ years? 

In the next five years, I hope to expand into a brick and mortar store.  My dream boutique would be something small, in a historic building, with a huge window that could be decorated for every season!  
What inspires you the most every day?
Inspiration can be found in just about anything.  Much of my design inspiration comes from nature or architecture.  During my study abroad in Paris, I would spend hours wandering around the city taking photos, visiting boutiques, and reveling in the overall feel of the city.  Recently, I've been very inspired by other bloggers and artisans.  Taking a short break from your work to see what others are up to, is always a good way to relax and refresh.  I admire what other fashion bloggers and independent designers are accomplishing.  I am inspired by the success that they've had and am able to learn from them.


  1. So inspirational. I hope to one day create the things I enjoy and make a business out of it too.


  2. I'm so honored to be your featured sponsor! Thanks, Maria!


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