Dec 9, 2011

His & Hers Gift Guide! // Buying Handmade

For her: 
Cateye Eyeglass Frames[---]
Sweetheart necklaces[---]

For both:
With Love Rubber Stamp[---]

For him:
Custom guitar pick[---]

As the holidays approach it's only right to think of your loved ones...even though most of us (myself included) go out and end up spending more money on ourselves(selfish). All of these items were found on Etsy, and I truly believe that the best gifts you can get are gifts that are handmade..There's a certain beauty in buying something that you know someone put so much time into. It wasn't a machine pumping out hundreds and thousands of the same thing at one time, but one person's beautiful hands doing all the work. So for this holiday season support your local and handmade shops! Do yourself a favor and read this article about buying locally and supporting small businesses in our community, or maybe you need 101 reasons on why to buy handmade :) , you decide! Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. i need to buy my hubby some bowties!! i just hope he would wear them ahah!!


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