Oct 11, 2011

The Bat Incident.

This isn't a new story, but it is extremely hilarious. I saw an image of a bat on the front page of etsy and was instantly brought back to this time last year when there was not one, but two bats in my home. Sure some say they are adorable, or cute...but trust me when one is flying above your head in your OWN home, you probably won't feel so sweet. I guess I should start at the very beginning. 

It was a night, just like any other night..My Mom and I were on the couch watching TV, not really thinking much of anything. Earlier in the night my Mom mentioned that she saw a bird flying around in our basement, she claimed it must have gotten in while she was cleaning with the basement door open earlier...Thinking it was a bit strange I disregarded her comment and kept my focus on the TV in front of me...Sure enough within seconds of our conversation the "bird" awakens and decides to find his way upstairs in our living room..."There's the bird" she screamed. I look over at her in complete panic and scream "MOM THAT'S NOT A BIRD, THAT'S A----(long pause, we look at eachother) BAT!!!!!!" She runs in one direction, and I run in the other, both completely beside ourselves, both screaming. The bat flew around in circles for minutes that seemed to go on like hours...Finally it was hidden somewhere and we couldn't find it. After screaming for what seemed like forever, my Dad awoke from his slumber confused and annoyed. After explaining the situation, my friend the bat decided to make another appearance...This time we were prepared with...the swiffer. After opening the door and trying to get him out, with one fowl swoop my Dad threw him out our front door. And he was gone...the END...Well, not really.

You are probably thinking oh la-de-da the story is over, you got the bat out, hee hee ha ha it's done. A week passes and we start to forget this crazy incident...After searching the basement we found nothing leading to evidence that there were more bats. Sitting on the couch in the same positions, our friend the "bird" comes BACK AGAIN! We are not sure if it was the same one, or just a distant cousin, but he was back doing the same things again...Flying around our ceiling, getting stuck in the plants...causing a ruckus and making our lives hell. The trusty swiffer came in to play, and that was it.. With a squeal, it was over. Turns out bats travel in packs of 12, when we found the two little guys, they must have lost their way and decided that our basement was a good place to hangout. After researching bats in homes, it turns out that since bats are blind, they are attracted to sound..So little did we know but screaming did not help our situation one bit. That was the last we heard from the bat crew. My Mom and I were lucky that my Dad takes no prisoners, he didn't even blink, he just pulled out the swiffer and did his business. 

I thought this story was appropriate because Halloween is coming up, and bats are pretty cute.
But I'd like to see them from a far, it's better that way :)


  1. hahaha that story is hilarious yet terrifying! I would probably do the exact same thing and just run around and scream. When my husband was 12, he lived in a really old house and there was a bat. Everyone in his family (including his father) ran around screaming and my husband caught the bat in his bare hands and threw it out of the house! hahaha I swear to God, all of his family members tell the story the same way!

  2. AH! hahah! I would have freaked out too! that's not ok to have bats n your house. Thank goodness for your dad!!

  3. awww, poor bats! you maniacs probably scared them to death! when i was younger we had bats that got into our attic, so we have to have the pest removal people come out. they sprayed this stuff that made the bats fly outside, and within about 2 minutes they were asleep on the ground, and after about 30 minutes the stuff they sprayed wore off so the bats flew to their new home (which wasn't our attic). i love seeing them when i could get really close!

  4. Oh my goodness! I freak out every time I see one. They're not so cute when they fly around your head.

  5. ahh, Bats are lovely. we often have them flying around our garden, none have made it in the house as yet.
    Though when I lived at home we did have a bird fall down the chimney. Everyone was out when I heard and almighty crash in the living room, I snuck in, weapon in hand (some sort of cricket bat or scissors, you know, incase it was a burglar) to find a rook sat on the windowsill eyeballing me.
    I fetched a towel (I remember reading that if you cover their eyes they don't panic and are easier to catch!) caught it and went to let it outside.
    THEN I realised I had neglected to unlock the door, juggling a rook thats wriggling in a bath towel under one arm, trying not to hurt it, while hunting for the door key and then unlocking said door was a feat I never expected to experience! :D

  6. I can't handle anything with wings! Not even moths ughhh... But one day I was going down the stairs of my second floor apartment to the basement to get to my car and a bat decided to fly around the corner at my face...i've never run so fast in my life.

  7. ohmigoodnes!!
    I have been fortunate enough to never see a bat in real life and I am sure if I saw one flying around in our house I would freak out!!! I am so glad that they finally all cleared out of you house!! How scary!
    ......happy halloween?

  8. Sad face. They flew in looking for shelter, got lost from their crew, freaked out and then they got crushed to death. I don't like mouse invaders either but I try to get them out in a non smashing way.


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