Sep 24, 2011

And the sky looks like it is bleeding diamonds..

It's a rainy weekend here in New Jersey, it's been a relaxing weekend despite all of the running around. Today I am making cupcakes and heading up to spend some time with Alex & his family, excited to just do nothing together! Just wanted to pop by and say hello, hope everyone is having a great weekend! Here's an awesome song that I will share with you today! That is all !

>>Bleeding diamonds<<


  1. i really would love a pair of green hunters - love the outfit you paired yours with! happy weekend!

  2. I'm not a fan of that spider! But I'd love a pair of green Hunters. So cute! xo, rv

  3. Love the outfit!! The green hunters are adorable!

  4. THAT. NECKLACE. !!! <3 <3


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