Jul 19, 2011

Sharing Links!

So when I went to SF, I skipped a week in between of sharing links since I wasn't really on the internet that often. I am back with a lot to share so please read through the post and click what you like! I am doing this a little bit differently from here on in. I decided to make catergories so everyone is easily attracted to the links they are looking for..I hope this is easier to navigate through. As for the outfit post and giveaway announcement, that will be taking place tonight...Mother nature did not want to cooperate last night and it started to downpour as soon as I arrived home! I am also going to share some exciting news tonight of things that are happening around here..I have been so incredibly busy, but working hard to make the shop exactly what I want it to be! Here are your links this week! Do you have any links to share? If so email me:  littletreevintage[at]gmail.com.

{ Etsy Shops & Items }
Do you like vintage items with their own unique design? Look at these painted shoes!
I love upcycled clothing, and this dress reminds me of something at UO!
I love this seahorse ring, it's very interesting!
I want a dinosaur planter so bad!

{ Favorite Blog Posts }
Delightfully Tacky - The uniqueness of being
AmySchmamey- Tips On Attending the Midnight Showing
Tales of a Tumbleweed- Vote for Your Favorite!

{ Favorite Outfit Post }
Fashion Toast - She really has the greatest style

{ I would love to own these! }
Mod cloth- One.
.Two -Urban Outfitters
Photo Jojo Lens-Three.
.Four- Species By The Thousands


  1. This is such a sweet and clever idea to help promote your fellow bloggers this way! Love your site! x

    The Internet Garbage

  2. Thanks for the linkaroo. You are awesome. Sweet. And pretty much fantastic.


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