Jul 12, 2011

ETSY SPOTLIGHT: Simplicity Is Bliss

While browsing through Etsy today (no surprise) I stumbled upon this amazing shop and had to share it with you. The shop is called Simplicityisbliss and can be found here. Based out of California, SIB is packed with unique vintage clothing, accesories and shoes. Here are some of my favorite items from the shop!

vintage 1940s Janet Lee peep toe bandage heel pumps
how gorgeous are these 1940's Janet Lee pumps?

vintage 1960s brown leather Tribal colorful beaded belt
Beaded tribal belt

vintage 1960s Wood Pecker wicker handbag purse
1960's Wicker Bag

vintage 1950s Dreamy blue knit bombshell dress
Oh seafoam, how I love thee!

vintage 1950s Red Vixen cocktail party dress
Who doesn't love taffeta?

Go check out the shop, and let me know what some of your favorites are!


  1. Those are all such beautiful pieces. :) I especially love the seafoam colored dress. So pretty!

  2. I am in love with those shoes and red dress. -swoons-

  3. helllo hello, dearie!
    thank you so much for the spotlight!
    it was so very kind of you and much appreciated!

  4. I adore those shoes, they are amazing!


  5. These are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing. Love your blog, too!



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