Jun 15, 2011

Sometimes that's all it takes.

Today was a regular day. As I was walking to work feeling tired & out of it I heard a man speaking loudly asking for help to cross the street. I turned around to find the man waiting alone on the edge of the sidewalk. As I approached this blind man and gladly offered him my arm to cross the busy intersection, he started to talk to me....

"Are you doing well today?" he asks.
"I am doing great Sir, how are you?"
"I am doing well too! It's not raining!" 

And he was right. It was indeed not raining.

As we walked a few more blocks he started to tell me about the difficulties he faces every single day being blind, but also stated that New Yorkers are usually extremely helpful to his needs.  In awe of all of his words I told him that I admire his courage, he responded by saying he admired my kindness. 

Despite of all of the issues this man faces daily, he was so happy, and so full of life. I really admire that. It is amazing to me how someone can have such a hard life, and yet be so positive and uplifting. I didn't tell him this, but our short walk this morning, made my whole day. It was worth being a half hour late to work for...It was inspiring. 

As I bid him adieu I said "I hope you have a great day!"
He responded by apologizing for wasting so much of my time..I told him not to worry.

It was not wasted, at all. It was the best morning I have had in a while.


  1. love this & admire your kindness. oftentimes we stress so much over insignificant things, but someone else always has it worse. i'm sure this really put things in perspective for you. i always feel so full of life when i can make someone else's day better, with as little or big that act of kindness may be. xoxo

  2. What a beautiful and inspiring story!

  3. Amazing post and beautiful photos also.

    Zoe http://blessedbeeapothecary.blogspot.com/

  4. I loved this story on twitter, and I love the extended version on your blog. So good. Nice of you to help him... Doing good things is good for our souls. :)

  5. I'm sure you touched his heart that day, as well as, those of us reading this now:) You're such a good soul. Darling photos too!


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