Jun 2, 2011

Kate Moss for Topshop & Shop LTV's Closet!

After stumbling upon this online, I simply had to share. Kate Moss has been working with Topshop for quite a while now, I believe since 2007...I recently came across her portfolio shots for the clothing she created..I fell in love with the colors and the angles of the clothing. In total Kate had 14 collections with Topshop and no longer continues to design clothing for them. I know you'll agree that the colors are simply brilliant! I think it's worth a look! I really wish there was a topshop in New Jersey or New York, it's a shame they are only in Europe!

Also if you are following me on twitter you probably saw the message but SHOP LTV CLOSET
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  1. LOVE THIS! Can I please have the second dress? I promise to spin in it all day! ;) Yay for sponsors! I love that photo...it makes me wanna watch Gidget again. <3

  2. Hooray for Princess Kate of Croydon! I've always loved her Topshop collections and think it is a shame she won't be doing them anymore - they are one of the few good things about Topshop nowadays (in my humble opinion it's gone right down hill recently but others may beg to differ). I shall have to take care of my beloved KM skinnies so they last forever.

  3. well i had heard a rumour that topshop was coming to canada but obviously that must be wrong if there is not one in the us or NEW YORK!! oh wait..i think someone said the collection was coming to bay department store...check there!

  4. Gorgeous! I've only ever been to one Top Shop but it was as though someone had broken into my brain, stolen all of my ideas and then made them into clothes. Amazing!

  5. wow, all the dresses are beautiful! thanks for sharing :) and I agree about TopShop! I mean, I can't believe we don't at least have one here in New York. oh well, hooray for online shopping!

  6. I agree gorgeous! The have the online store but I totally understand on wanting one in NY. I am totally surprised that they dont. Love your blog!!!
    I hope you come follow me too.
    xxxx to you! Emily

  7. ooh girl there is a topshop in new york, its the only one in the u.s

  8. i love that image with the ladies and their boards!!!

  9. I lived and worked in the UK for a while when I was 20. And, I spent a good portion of my pub earnings at Topshop. It was sadly before Kate Moss started designing for the brand though. Needless to say, the items I scored were still awesome!

    I love these shots! Thanks for sharing!

    Baby Talk without the Babble

  10. can Kate Moss be any more of a babe!? So beautiful.

  11. DAH Kate Moss is GORGEOUS in these pics. I love her hair and makeup. I had seen her clothes on Topshop, sort of expensive for my wallet but cute.

    Wanderlusting Fool


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