Mar 10, 2011

Pleated Skirts & High Waisted Shorts

Two of my newest clothing obsessions are high waisted shorts & pleated skirts. Etsy sellers are stocking their shops with these must haves for spring.

These are some I found on etsy and other various sites, I really love these styles right now.


High Waisted Shorts.
Urban has some amazing high waisted jean shorts
 - check their website out too!

I actually just got these bad boys in the mail.
OH yeah. by the way! Some news.

I have decided that the shop is going to have a full spring launch coming very soon. I have a lot of creative ideas and I cannot wait to share them all with you. To everyone who is interested I am giving 15% off to my customers for the next 2 weeks. Use coupon code: LITTLETREEME to redeem. 


  1. wow those turquoise shorts bring me back to the 80's.

  2. Pretty clothes mars! I bet you're adorable in those shorts! Fun chatting w/ you, you've been in the shower an awful long time...ha! I'll have to show you my brand new (thrifted) high wasted shorts. =)

  3. Awesome!! I've definitely got enough cuckoo fabric to make high waisted shorts for a winner! Maybe that'll be my next giveaway...its like you made this post just to help me out...your toooo sweet! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  4. I realllly love the skirts :)

  5. I've had an obsession with high waisted skirts lately! Love the first skirt!

  6. Love pleated skirts as well!


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