Mar 21, 2011

Monday wishlist.

Hello friends! Last week my blog was taken over by the 'In Bloom' video sets, I hope you all enjoyed the videos- they were all amazing, thank you all for participating, and thank you for viewing!Last week was extremely busy for me, I started my first job and this week I start my second job- so things will get hectic. I am going to try my best to balance everything so I'm sorry if my comments & posts are lacking, now you will know why in advance! I want to share this wishlist with all of you because these are serious things I am contemplating on buying- Also if you get a chance, go to my last post and view the lookbook style/vlog I made with the help of my boyfriend Alex.

These vintage boots from heyhoney
I am absolutely in love with these- AND they are my size!

This vintage 80's novelty belt from midnight flight

This hand carved bamboo iphone case(if i only had an iphone) from signimade

GOSH, how awesome is this dress. I would dance around in this thing.

I wish I could have this Gucci weekender in my collection. It's to die for. Really is.

All of these goodies can be found on the lovely, and maybe one day I will own them :)
Also , another reminder that I have 15% off going on in the shop right now- just use coupon code Littletreeme to receive the discount. I hope you all had a great weekend! And enjoy your upcoming week!


  1. Wow..your an amazing treasure hunter!! Your boyo Alex and you work well together....I love your video...and yay...your gonna model my clothes! made one happy Janna! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

  2. You still NEED those boots! Love them! I miss your blog being yours...good thing that gawd forsaken week is ovah! Love you Mars! <3

  3. yeah, i think your feet will cry if you don't buy those boots. also, i haven't forgotten to go through my shoes and take pictures for you! i'm just always.

    love you to infinity and beyond.

  4. i love those boots. i love cowboy boots, period.

  5. That dress and those boots are dreamy!

  6. oh, love those boots and that dress! so pretty :)

  7. Gorgeous cowboy boots. I need a pair as mine have been completely worn out and are no longer wearable!

  8. Love that case!


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