Mar 19, 2011

In Bloom Day 5: Hippie Shirt To-Go with Cal of Boardwalk to Eden :)

Hello hello, I'm CaL from Boardwalk to Eden  that video right there is me being a bloody nutter. I apologize for my randomness & poor video quality & leave you with what I'm wearing.

Top: pink "butterfly shirt" from Macy's
Shorts: jeans turned shorts from Levis
Shoes: not that you could see them, but black ballet flats from Aldo
Necklace: amethyst orb from

Here are my links!

Enjoy Spring!


  1. Awwe. Cal is the cutest. I love her spring top. I once wore a flowy hippie Mexican top and some stranger asked if I speak eeeeng-lish. :/

    Anyway, I can't wait to see the rest of the 'In Bloom' posts. :D

    Happy Spring!!

  2. So super cute! This is a great post.

  3. i love cal :) she's so sweet and i hate that she isn't closer to us! life isn't fair!!!

  4. HAHA CaL is so shyyy its adorable. I got to hang out with her and Viv's this past weekend hooray!


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