Mar 16, 2011

In Bloom Day 3: Vintage and Handmade Clothing with Tea Talk!

Hi! This is Chelsea from the Tea Talk blog and I am so thrilled to be a part of this week's "In Bloom: Seven Days of Style" feature. When Thursday and Maria asked me to be a part of this special week I was overwhelmingly excited at the thought of sharing with the online community one of my favorite places to shop for vintage and handmade clothing, and to also share some tips and tricks along the way.
A big thank you goes out to Scott, Ashley of Merry May Handmade, and also The Grow-Op Collective for always being so positive and supporting the local vintage and handmade scene.
If you're interested learning more about myself, please check out my blog, Tea Talk, for some insight into my personal style, daily outfits, and adventures in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Important links to included would be these:

Also don't forget to check out MyGirlThursday's blog today for more In Bloom videos and fun!


  1. If i didnt already have the itch to go thrifting this weekend, i sure do now! Loved the video! : D

  2. hi chelsea! thanks for making this video, i got to hear your voice :)


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