Feb 27, 2011

Lift your moods

Do you ever feel down in the dumps? Feeling like you're in a funk? I know I do sometimes. We all have our days when things just don't feel right and everything seems like it is against us. Instead of accepting the negativity, there are ways to combat those moods and really get yourself smiling again. Here are some of the things that I like to do, in no particular order. Again, this is just me so it may not work for everyone, but these are ways that I deal with a bad mood.

  • -Getting out of the house- Something so simple, yet works wonders. Even going out to grab a cup of coffee, just being outside and not staring at four walls. It's important to force yourself to go out and do things sometimes, even if you don't want to, it usually helps. 
  • -Reading a good book- I cannot stress this enough, it is so important to have good reading material at your fingertips. A good book can take away a lot of stress that builds up. If you are like me and you enjoy reading books on spirituality and better ways of thinking then I suggest anything by the Dalai Lama or Thich Nhat Hanh, they send such a positive message through their books and beliefs.
  • -Cooking- Again, getting your mind off of your bad mood and creating something fun- be creative and mix ingredients, it's the best way to learn.
  • -Cleaning- This is a huge one. I really believe that cleaning can clear your mind. I think if you live in clutter- most likely your mind functions in the same way. It's not healthy and does not help your well being. I usually go on a huge cleaning spree and at the end, feel a lot better when everything is organized and in its place.
  • -Take care of yourself- This is also very important, always make sure to put your health first. This is not just physical health, but mental, and emotional as well. Take care of your body, treat it well -all the time. Exercise, Eat healthy, and make it a point to take care of the inside & outside.
  • -Talk to your loved ones- Sometimes getting it out is half the battle. Talk to someone who is willing to listen, and a lot of times just letting out your feelings helps take a huge weight off of your shoulders.
I hope this makes sense to you guys- I know we all have a tendency to get off balance sometimes.
 What are some ways that you get out of a bad mood? 

Another way to get me out of a bad mood is to take pictures! Which is something I did today.
Not because I was in a bad mood, but out of boredom. I actually got some good ones :) Enjoy!

I am in love with this car. I drive past it everyday. Such an awesome color!


  1. i too find that taking some snaps lifts my mood. also, taking a shower!
    hope you have a great sunday! <3

  2. this is FANTASTIC! it made me smile so much :)
    we definitely do all have "those days"
    love the pictures you've included!
    have a nice day
    i'm following your blog now :)
    beth x

  3. I love the duck. He's saying "hello there! I wish I could let you in!"

  4. Those are words of wisdom lady...so so true! Happy Sunday:-)

  5. I really love this post. Thanks for the reminder about things that make us all feel better. I've also heard that a focused mind is a happy mind. Must be why the internet kinda takes it's toll on me sometime. Hours in front of the computer, nothing getting done.

  6. I always take photos when I'm sad or happy. It's a really great release of emotion! This is a very smart post and plus, you are gorgeous!


  7. I think this is so cute. I an going to try the going out especially since I don't do it much. It may help with my getting my life on track. Please keep the tips coming.


  8. this is a great post, thank you. it can be so hard to wrestle yourself out of a funk, you have made some great suggestions! i find writing in my diary helps be work through whatever is getting me down, talking to those who i trust about it or simply doing exercise to get the endorphins going!


  9. Love this post. LOVE THIS POST. Seriously, this is great advice for bad mood days. And that van is amazing!!!

  10. hey i just found your blog im a new follower its nice to find another Nj blogger i love your tips ive been feeling pretty out of it lately i think i shall try some of those.
    beautiful pictures by the way
    - Amanda

  11. This post was awesome! I love it. I just try to look at uplifting things on bad mood days, when that doesn't work I keep my hand and mind busy! Oh...and I look at awesome blogs...like yours!!!! :) I love it! Hearts, janna lynn

  12. Theres a teal vw just like this that I see all the time. Soweird, too, I wrote a very similar post to this that I'll be guest posting in a week or so! Gmta! <3

  13. Getting out of the house ALWAYS lifts my spirits!
    PS PRETTY lady! <3

  14. awww, pretty, pretty mars! i am a serious advocate for cleaning! sometimes it's hard to make myself start, but once i do, i feel such a sense of accomplishment once i'm finished. and i'm a total bookworm, so i love ready any time.

  15. ooh - i have been in a funk lately too!
    i love your list, i do much of that. getting out of the house is probably the best for me, and yet the hardest. i also take a bath with candles and music. i might just do that tonight!

    ps - love your photography!! and the van!!

  16. such great tips! getting out the house and cleaning are things that normally help me get out of a funk!


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  18. to me, getting out of the house and putting on an outfit that makes me feel good does WONDERS! ;)

  19. i do all of these things too to get out of a mood! i like to go for a walk and get some fresh air, ride my bike to my favorite coffee shop, call a friend, or take a hot shower. lately, i've been doing so much cleaning and tossing out old things. something about cleaning out clutter seems to really help improve my bad mood.

  20. great tips!!! I love reading, taking pictures, cuddling with my little man or my hubs, getting out of the house for a little "retail" therapy. :D

  21. Love this post and all your pictures - what a great smile you have!. yes I did a post some time back about getting in a total funk and eating loads of kiwi fruit and getting out of it - must been the surge of Vitamin C. Also I pass a combi van in a chartreuse green and it always make me smile, though that Popsicle orange is my absolute favorite!!

  22. I'm Renee and a new follower of your blog! Just thought I'd say hello!

    anyhoot, i love what you've got going here, very cute!

    Feel free to take a look at mine [you know, just so you know who's reading yours :)]


    Renee xo

  23. these are really awesome tips and i couldn't agree with you more! especially with the cleaning one. that and exercise are the only things that instantly get me 100% feeling better.


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